10 Ways to Show that you Really Love

Love grows when you show it. Yes, it’s true. Okay, she knows that you love her and it’s pretty obvious. But don’t take anything for granted. Make her show that you love her. There’s no harm in showing your love for someone, it will always make her happy. If you are confused how to show your love to her, we are helping you with ten ways to show your love for her:

P.S- All this applies for him too girls.

10. Gifts


Gifts are indeed one of the ways to show your love. Though, it’s a myth that you need to empty your pockets to show you love to your partner. Gifts not always mean expensive gifts; you can also gift her handmade gifts which she will appreciate much more than expensive gifts. Or you can buy her small tokens of love which she can keep with her always. You can simply buy a photo frame and put your best picture as a couple into it. Here’s a beautiful gift ready even without spending a lot of money.

9. Plan his/her day



Plan a day for her. Even if it’s not her birthday, even if it’s not one of your anniversaries, take her out. Showing love needs no explanation. So you don’t need to wait for some special occasion to make her feel special. Just take her out for a day, make sure to plan the day in advance. Don’t ask her where she wants to go, just take her to the places you know she likes to go. Plan lunch at her favorite eating outlet. Make it a memorable day for her. Show your love by showing how much you know her and care for her happiness.

8. Drop everything for her/him


Making her feel special will definitely show your love for her. You have a lot of work to do and many other things too. But for a day you can keep aside all the things. When she is around you close your work, switch off your phone and let her know that nothing else is important than her. Take her to lunch or dinner. You can also go for a work together, with no interruption of phone calls and other things. Cancel your meeting for one day, or take a leave from office just to be with her. Nothing else can shoe your love like this.

7. Arrange your memories


One of the things you can do to show your love is by creating a memento of your love life till now. You can arrange all the pictures of you two together, and arrange them into a collage and frame it. She will love it. Or you can get all the movie show tickets you went for and paste them in a scrap book with other things like your pictures, the places your went, etc. This will make her nostalgic and happy together. She will get to know that you are glad you met her and how much you love her.

6. Petty surprises


Who do not like surprises, right? Well you need not to plan a big bash always to show you love. Love is not just about show off. It’s about how much you think of a person. You can show your love by surprising your partner with petty showcases of your love. For example, text her while you are at work. Text her saying you love her or you miss her. This will surely bring a smile to her face. Bring her favorite ice-cream while returning from work. These are small things which will bring a big smile to her face and she will get to know how much you love her and care for her.

5. Apologize


Yes, this is also a way to show your love. Don’t let arguments turn in to fights. Arguments are inevitable in relationships but don’t stretch is too long. Okay, maybe it’s her fault this time, but what’s the harm in apologising? You love her right? So, what if you will say sorry even if it’s her mistake? Your relationship is more important than these fights, you should always remember this, if she’s angry, calm her down and say sorry. When she is all fine she will get to know that it was her mistake and that will show all your love as she will get to know why you apologized.

4. Help her with her chores


Show your love by showing that you care for her. Don’t let her do all her work by herself when you are just wondering around. May be she won’t ask you for help but you know well that she has a lot to do. If not much, you can help her to clean the house, help her to shop for the household things and others. She will definitely see the love and care behind your help. She will appreciate it more than you will ever know. So, don’t be lazy and make her take all the credit of loving you, love her back and show it often.

3. Do what she loves


Do what she loves to do, even if you don’t like it much. You can compromise a little sometimes, to make her feel good and to show your love for her. May be you do not like daily soaps or some other program but she cannot miss a day’s show, sit with her and watch the show, she will be glad and happy for sure. You need not to do the things of your choice always, you love her so you must show it, don’t think it’s obvious, when you love her make her feel you do so.

2. Write your feelings


How many times have you told her how much important she is to you and how much you love her? Have you ever told her why do you love her so much and to which extent? Show your love, write your feelings on a paper and let her heart flood with emotions. Pen down your feelings for her and mention how your life changed after getting her. You can also make a handmade card for her which will add to the feelings. Don’t worry much if you are not that good at art, because what matters to her is your feelings behind the card not your art work.

1. Give your attention to her/listen to her


This is the probably the best way to show your love. If you are shifting all your attention to her, she won’t have anything else to ask from you. If not every time, you can do it sometimes, to leave all your important work and listen to her. She will feel the importance you give her and this is the best thing she can get from you. No gift can compete with your time and attention. Your time and attention what she craves for.

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