10 Gifts you should ask Santa Claus this Christmas

“Jingle bell Jingle bell jingles all the way; Santa Claus is coming, coming on his sleigh”. So, are you one of the many people waiting for the Santa to come? Don’t you think that when we wait for something every minute is difficult to pass? And here you have still to wait a few days. Anyway, it will come soon, not many days left. So are you done with your shopping for the Christmas Day? Can’t wait to decorate your Christmas tree? Well, that’s obvious, after all it’s Christmas and it’s your right to be excited. So beside the preparations have you decided what are you asking from Santa this year? Or are you still confused with either many things or nothing in your mind? As always we are again here to help you. So here we are giving you the top ten options of gifts to ask from Santa this year:

10. Chocolates


You can’t have enough of them. The more you have it, the more you want to have it. If you are out of your stock of favorite chocolates, then you can do one thing. Just ask Santa to bring a yearlong stock of your favorite chocolates on Christmas this year. Ask for something sweet and tasty this year. Chocolates! Yummy, mouth watering!

9. A new Phone


Are you tired of asking your parents or saving money for the latest phone you just want to possess anyhow? May be the phone launch time proves to be perfect for you. Any guesses? Yes, it’s Santa. Ask him to get the phone you want as your Christmas present. Write a letter to Santa why you want to get this phone so badly. And don’t get disappointed if you don’t get it because Santa knows it better, maybe he has planned something better for you. Just accept the gift he has decided for you with a big smile on your face.

8. Watch


You are tired of telling your parents that your old watch is just out of fashion and you want the latest designer watch in the market. But they insist on saying that watch is to keep a track of time and your old watch is efficient enough to do that. You can’t insist them more. Remember there is one person more who comes and fulfill your wishes once in a year? Yes, you guessed it right it’s Santa. Ask Santa to get you the watch of your choice this Christmas.

7. Surprise


Are you too confused to ask a gift from Santa? You have a list of things which you want to ask as a gift but the other moment you think of not asking for anything from that. How confusing! Well, we have again another idea for this confusion as well. Ask for a surprise gift from Santa this year. He knows everything and he will get you the best thing possible for you. So, what are you thinking off, just ask for a surprise and see what Santa has for you. Good Luck!

6. Something for your dear ones


Your dear ones never make you feel that you lack something as they always are there with the things you want. They are always there to fulfill all your wishes. They are the Santa(s) of your life. You are always content because they make you feel so. So what about asking a gift for them this year? Ask Santa to fulfill their wishes by gifting the thing which will make them the happiest persons that day.

5. Trip to your favorite place


You waited all year long for a chance to visit the place of your choice. But, it’s the end of the year and you are still at home. But don’t get disappointed the year hasn’t ended yet. The best part of the year is still to come. Yes, it’s the Christmas. You haven’t asked for any gift yet from the Santa and probably it’s the best thing you can ask this year to plan a visit to your favourite place. May be you will get to celebrate the New Year’s at that place. Wow! What more can you ask for then. Pack a bag in advance to tell Santa how badly you want to celebrate your New Year’s Day at the place.

4. A Bit more Brain


Your parents keep on complaining that you are always getting low grades. The teacher is always angry at you and is always punishing you for not doing the home work on time. But, it isn’t your mistake; you do not feel like studying. Isn’t it? Well, ask some gift from Santa which can help you overcome this. ‘Brain’ is not the exact word though; you already possess it, that’s why you are able to defeat your friends in your favourite video game. Ask for concentration power and brains to realize and do good things in life.

3. Beauty


Do you feel jealous because your neighbor or the one you hate is much fairer and beautiful than you? You must be often complaining to god why you are not so beautiful and why don’t you have the perfect body. Well, you have this one chance, ask Santa to make you more beautiful this Christmas. No don’t ask for a plastic surgery. We didn’t mean that of course. Ask for inner beauty which you can possess much more than anyone else you think is more beautiful than you. For no beauty can compete with the inner beauty of one’s. Outer beauty fades away but inner beauty continues to survive in people’s hearts even when you are not there.

2. Soul mate


Are you tired to search for the one you want to spend your lifetime with? That’s your Soul mate. Everywhere you go you search for him but you are still single waiting for him. Do you wonder where the man/woman of your dreams is? Well, we have an idea. During Christmas, Santa tours on his sleigh all over, so, what about asking him to search for him/her on his way? Ask Santa to gift you your soul mate this year, may be he/she in the other corner of the world is also waiting desperately for you and asks Santa for the same gift. So just ask Santa if he can arrange a meeting with your soul mate somehow this Christmas. Wouldn’t it be your best Christmas gift?

1. Happiness


Well, this one deserves to be on the top of the list. If you are happy then it obviously means that you have all the things you need. It’s a one word gift to ask for ‘everything’. It’s indeed a clever gift, isn’t it? Santa obviously knows what will make you happy, may be much better than you know. So just leave it on Santa to decide what to gift you for your happiness. Just ask for a one letter gift called ‘Happiness’.

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