10 Best Ways to Spend Time Outdoors

If you are getting bored, then why keep sulking in the house. Go out and explore the world of possibilities with various options. Here are top 10 best ways to spend time outdoors. Just take a look!

10.  Go to a library or music store:

Books are a man’s best friend. During your leisure you can go to a local library or bookstore and start reading books of your taste. Books provide best recreational pastime and are full of knowledge. Music is also a great healing tool and can almost prove miraculous. Books and music are best during boredom. You don’t need any companion and they provide solace to one’s soul and mind. Books are entertaining and you can pick up one of your choice such as a thriller, a love-story or a sci-fi fiction. Music is also of various types and you can choose the songs you want to hear as per your mood.

9. Long Drive:

One of the most favorite pastime of youths of today’s generation is going on a drive. When nothing better to do, they pick up their bikes and go riding. Youths go out under the open sky and talk to the winds thinking them to be the master of their freedom. Sometimes, a ride is a good option but wasting fuel for the mere time pass is not the right thing to do. So you can use fuel-free bikes or cycles and go cycling.  

8. Adventure Sports:

Adventure sports are always very exciting and demand complete physical and mental involvement of an individual. It is a good way to spend time outdoors and indulge in activities like mountain trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping, Paragliding, diving etc. They are the best option for fun-loving people who like adventures and are energetic about it. They fill you with a completely new spirit and boost your moral, you are able to push up your fear level and experience the joy of being on your own. This is also a good option for your health as the physical exertion will help you shed your extra calories and will make you active with improved reflexes.

7.       Water Activities:


One of the best recreational activities is swimming. Swimming is also a very good exercise and helps you stay fit. Also, on exceptionally hot days you can go to water parks and have fun with your friends. Swimming is very beneficial and is compared to meditation and yoga in terms of its impact. It also helps one in losing extra weight and has a soothing effect on mind and body. Water parks can be fun and the rides and slides help us experience adventure. Thus if you are getting bored, then swimming is a good option or plan a day out to a water park.

6.       Practice Gardening:

Gardening brings you close to the nature and lets you enjoy the peace and serenity in its lap. The green grass and bushes dotted with colorful flowers fill the atmosphere with their aroma. Those who have done gardening ever can understand the pleasure in caressing the tender bushes and trees with their hands. Gardening in your lawn can be such a comfort if you enjoy it. It is a favorite pastime of many including people from all age groups. So, if you want to spend time outdoors peacefully, gardening can be one of the best options. If you don’t have a garden of your own, you can nurture small bushes by planting them in pots and enjoy gardening whenever you feel like.

5.       Plan a Trip:

If you have a few days off from work or college, then the best pastime for you would be to go out on some tour. Plan a trip with your family or friends and enjoy your vacations. Travelling to some place would rejuvenate you as every single place has its own marvels and you be wondered on exploring them. The trip can be made more enjoyable by planning in advance and collecting all the information about the place you are visiting beforehand. Trips help you bond well with your companions and make some memories for a lifetime. Get your bags packing, and don’t forget the camera!

4.       Get shopping:


Shopping is one of the best recreational activities for teens, especially girls. They love clothes and are even more fond of new clothes, shoes, accessories. Shopping is definitely one of the best pastime and people tend to enjoy every moment of it. There is this growing trend of going for window shopping, where you go shopping without any intention to buy things out. The availability of numerous shops and brands for any single thing under one roof has made it easier for people to enjoy shopping during free-time. So friends if you are getting bored, then pick up your bags and have a happy shopping!

3. Hang out with friends:

One of the best ways to keep yourself happy and stress free is to go out with friends. You can try new dishes, visit new places and simply talk your heart out. It is the best way to feel fresh as will around friends liberate you of all worries. It is also a favorite pastime of many since they can chatter non-stop for hours with their friends, discussing all their issues and sharing all the joy. The busy lifestyle of people leaves them with little or no time for pals. So you must grab the opportunity whenever possible and chill out with your friends

2.       Go and watch movies:


The ‘watch movies’ option is full of choices for you to choose out of a number of options. When not occupied anything more important, just pick up a movie that you would like to watch and get the tickets. Because there can be no better option than watching a movie. Some movies tickle you throughout, some make you emotional or others may fill you with the love for your country but you definitely get a good thing to look forward to during your leisure. Movies have a very deep impression on your brain since you receive them both the hearing and sight senses thus the choice of movies should be worthwhile.

1. Outdoor games:

As thoughts are good for the brain, so are outdoor games for the body, interestingly and challenging at the same time. Outdoor games require the player to put in physical work with an alert mind which is an exercise for the body. Games such as hockey, cricket, football, basket ball, volley ball etc. Not only give a physical exercise for our body but also fill us with child like enthusiasm to win or make it over. Physical games are a way to use our time and energy constructively. Many people made their career in sports and so, if you enjoy playing these sports there can be no better pastime. Call your friends over and start playing.


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