Top Ten States with Prisoners on Death Row 2013

Often people ask how and why do convicted killers, child molesters, rapist, cannibals, and the lowest of the low, the individual in our nightmares we can only characterize as the boogieman stay on death strip for years and years at the employed public’s total cost. Most of the time it has a large deal to do with our fairness design. Inmates are permitted to document assertions and habeas corpus procedures

1. California (724 inmates)

2. Florida (411 inmates)

3. Texas (304 inmates)

3. Texas (304 inmates)

4. Pennsylvania (204 inmates)

5. Alabama (202 inmates)

6. North Carolina (163 inmates)

7. Ohio (149 inmates)

8. Arizona (128 inmates)

9. Georgia (97 inmates)

10. Tennessee (89 inmates)


In Florida, an inmate was finally put to death after more than 3 decades on death row even though some inmates have been there longer. No one will talk about the execution procedure. How are inmates picked?

 death row

The detainee is kept in isolation

Before going to death row, inmates are adept to work on distinct jobs in the prisons. This is considered a good pattern of treatment. Death comes one time all of the inmate’s requests have been exhausted.

It is very costly for the state to house inmates on death row.  The state takes on the total cost of advocate, and solicitor’s charges, court charges, study, paperwork, manpower, nourishment, well-being, schooling, and personnel needs of every inmate.

When prisoners are taken to the deathwatch locality this is presumed to be a time of prayer and reflection. What did they do to lead them down this dark tunnel? The inmate understands this will be the last time he will sleep in a bed. In addition, this is the time he will compose his last statement.

death watch

The gurney is placed at the viewing window

A curtain is pulled to conceal the execution group.

The air out-of-doors is very sombre. People hold a vigil against the execution. There are protesters that are eager to risk being arrested. Numerous individuals believe putting someone to death is just as appalling as the misdeed the inmate on death row possibly committed.

When the detainee is pronounced dead, the family, aides, and observers, every individual is escorted out of the prison.

A death certificated is handed out. The kind of death noted as homicide.
There appears to be no authentic logic as to how inmates are chosen for the next execution.
In addition, everyone is still in the dark on how the death penalty works.


Final Note

The extent of time prisoners spend on death row in the joined States before their executions has lately emerged as a topic of interest in the argument about the death penalty. Is has spurred the writings of two Supreme Court Justices who have suggested the Court to address this issue.

Death row inmates in the U.S. normally spend over a ten years awaiting execution. Some prisoners have been on death row for well over 20 years.

During this time, they are usually isolated from other prisoners, harshly constrained in periods of visitation and exercise, expending as much as 23 hours a day solely in their cells.




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