Top 10 Youngest Killers of All Time

Who could have thought that young kids are capable of killing? We all have heard gruesome crimes done by young and old adults, however most of us have not thought of young kids being capable of killing and committing heartless crimes. Here are the top 10 underage criminals who have committed unbelievable crimes.

Top 10 Youngest Killers of All Time

Carl Newton Mahan – Aged 6

Back in 1929, an 8 year old boy was trying to make a living out of scrap metals by selling it in exchange of money. Carl Newton Mahan was the boy who committed a murder over a metal fight against his friend Cecil Van Hoose. Carl was only 6 years old when he hit his friend and shoot him using his father’s shotgun. He is the youngest defendant and murderer of Kentucky.

Robert Thompson – Aged 10

Unbelievable as it seems but Robert Thompson was only 10 years old when he decided to commit a crime and tortured a young boy aged 2, James Bulger. He tortured the boy without further reason, sexually abused him and left in a train railroad.

Jon Venables – Aged 10

Jon Venables was also 10 years old when he went with Robert Thompson and helped him kill the poor boy James Bulger. Their victim suffered a lot of skull blows and beated him to death. This crime was so brutal for such a young age.

Mary Bell – Aged 11

Mary Bell committed one of the scariest crimes back in the old days considering she’s only 11 years old. She killed and tortured Martin Brown. Mary was exposed to criminal acts at such a young aged, her father was a criminal and her mother was a prostitute. With such background, Mary eventually developed a killer instinct that she was considered to be extremely dangerous in an unequipped mental hospital. Mary cut her victims hair, created punctured marks and carved the letter “M” on one of his victim’s thighs.

Jesse Pomeroy – Aged 11

Jesse Pomeroy committed one of the sickest crimes you could think of. At the age of 11, he started his wicked acts by kidnapping other kids, imprisoned them and slowly tortured them by poking the skins of his victims with needles and knives. He was caught and was released after a year. Unfortunately, Jesse was simply twisted that he killed Katie Curran when he was 21 years old and another boy.

Andrew Golden – Aged 11

Andrew Golden was only 11 years old when he decided to have a shooting spree in his school at Westside Middle School located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. His accomplice was his friend, older than him, 13 years old Mitchell Johnson. Andrew was the one who pulled the fire alarm so that all kids and school staff will all be in one area for the shooting spree.

Lionel Tate – Aged 12

A Crashed skull, a shredded liver that was forcefully pushed through a person’s rib cage, and broken ribs are some of the things Lionel Tate have done to her 6 year old playmate. Lionel was sentenced to a life imprisonment and without parole.

Mitchell Johnson – Aged 13

Mitchel was the accomplice of Andrew Golden in their shooting spree plan at Westside Middle School. Mitchel went on absent and prepared their fire arms in their family minivan and started shooting anyone in their school after the file alarm brigade.

Graham Young – Aged 14

Graham Young was a genius when it comes to poison. He started his poison and criminal obsession at the age of 14. He self-studied and gained tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to poisoning and have victimized his families and co-workers. He was in and out of prison until he eventually died.

Barry Dale Loukaitis – Aged 14

Barry came from a dysfunctional family; his mind was twisted and was influenced by movies and songs he has heard. Barry committed a shooting spree and held his algebra class hostages. He was fortunately tricked by their school gym instructor and was able to stop the spree. Barry was delusional during the crime and was said to be fully armed. He killed 2 students and one of his teachers.

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