Top 10 Worst Crimes in the World

Crimes: The heinous act to destroy humanity, self-respect and anything which can be harmful to masses is called as crime. There are crimes which involves too much of risk but in reward, pays back a lot of sum to you and makes it a profitable outsource of all time. Here in for the following section, the top 10 worst crimes done in the universe have been discussed.

10.) Human Organ Trafficking

One of the most heinous and the worst form of crime is unauthorized selling of human organs. The crime has been unstoppable since it started and it does a total trade of about 1.2 billion per year throughout the globe. A kind of highly profitable crime but the outcome is worse. In fact, it has been made illegal because, the organs are not actually given to the needy but is sold to the highest bidder. Some of the countries famous for such crimes are US, Canada, Japan and Italy. One of the dirtiest business in the field and it may ultimately cause death to the donors.

9.) Gold Smuggle

The worst as well as the most beautiful form of crime is smuggling of gold. The gold from the mines are sold to the countries like Peru (whose 40% of total gold is illegal), Russia, Uzbekistan, Mali, Brazil and Papua. Moreover, the worst part is that it does not benefits the country but helps the smugglers to grow and prosperous in this field. Miners are paid a little fraction of the total and thus they are also benefitted and this is the reason why they even don’t speak of it.

8.) Lumber Trade


Covering a total trade of more than $ 5 billion in a year, one of the most profitable crime is illegal deforestation and selling of these highly valuable forests and its lumber. The most illegal lumber is sent to China primarily and then on to countries like USA and some of the European nations. It is prospering due to help of local authorities and forest officers who allow the culprits a fake permit.

7.) Art Theft

In my view, this is the worst crime. Stealing of valuable artifacts, beauty and those valuable things which are cultural, artistic and historical heritage to the nation are illegally theft or transported and being sold to others at a rate which can never buy any art of the world. This crime covers over more than $6 billion each year. The stolen items are sold at a very high price to the countries like European Nations and US. Most of the income from this crime is involved in Drugs.

6.) Illegal Wildlife Trading

One of the crime which has a total turnover of trade about $ 10 billion for every year, while many estimate it about $ 25 billion. Anyways, whatever be the turnover, the worst part about it the killing of wildlife and then for some money, selling their skins, body, and other valuable parts of their body. Animals are chiefly killed and transported in countries like Africa and South Asia, with a larger customer range from China. In fact China is the best place for selling of such killed animals. In last years, the tremendous effect can be seen in India, 50% of the Tiger population has been cut due to poaching and hunting.

5.) Oil Theft

This crime accounts for a trade of more than $ 11 billion every year. Crude and Illegal oil is sold from producing countries like Russia, Iraq, Venezuela, Arab and Mexico. It is an approximate data that about 5 lakhs barrel of oil are produced every day and is sold illegally. It causes problem in the economy of the nation as well as harden the burden over the common man.

4.) Illegal Fishing

This is another form of life killing crime. This is an open crime making a trade of around $12 billion every year. The main places for such crimes are mainly in South Asia and Africa. These are easily made in countries which are under-developing and are very poor. This is common to them as a source of high income easily without any injury and problem. The most affecting problem of illegal fishing is on the developing nations.

3.) Human Trafficking

One of the worst form of crime. Almost of the all countries in the world many boast for their freedom but this crime is the one which falsify their idea. Human Trafficking is another form of slavery. The total world trade of the crime account about $ 30 billion. Most of the slaves and humans are brought from the undeveloped nations and whose primary income is not enough to take a stand in the family. These poor people are easily available and thus they are made slaves. They are mainly from Soviet Union, Colombia, India, Pakistan, China and Brazil specifically.

2.) Counterfeiting

The crimes covers almost half of the total business of the crime accounting more than $ 250 billion per year. The main countries which include in such crimes are Taiwan, India, Malaysia, China, Pakistan and Philippines. Most of the products are back to the China primarily and then to US and Europe. One thing to be taken in note about the crime is that Dollar is the international standard for world trade and it is very surprising to know that Dollar is the most forged and illegally made currency in the universe. Such a shame.

1.) Drugs Smuggling

The worst crime ever any one could ever see is Drugs smuggling. With a total of $300 billion business every year, this is the most profitable crime all over the world. Not a single country is avoided of this effect and almost every single part of every nation is involved in this crime. The main drug supplies include, Heroin, Cocaine, Charas, Opium and marijuana. The major production of opiate is Afghanistan and the most of the cocaine produced is from Colombia and Peru accounting for more than $ 90 billion every year.

Avoid all such heinous crimes. It is a request to all for a better lifestyle and better place.

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