Top 10 Ways To Kill Your Enemies

Every individual person in this world has enemies, but the difference lays on the nature of harm the enemies can do. The technique of destroying an enemy is an art and very few people are able to handle it successfully. It is always good to have knowledge about the modes you can accomplish to defeat your enemies. This article covers the top 10 ways to kill your enemies.

10. Pay them their own penny

Do the exact things they have done with you, so that they can get the taste of their own medicine. When they will realize the intensity of damage they have done by their own experience, they can understand their fault.

9. be confident and ignore them

This is a useful way to stop your enemies. Always tell yourself that you are strong enough to slash their conspiracy. Confidence gives you the power to move on your own way without thinking of others. Ignore them as much as possible for your own sake.

8. Be smart and respect yourself

Be smart enough to understand their mischievous plans so that they won’t be able to harm you more. Moreover, self-respect gives you confidence. Always remember, if you do not respect yourself then others won’t.

7. Do not give up on things

Whatever the situation may be, do not give up doing things that you used to do, as because this will give them chance to spoil your normal life. Your enemies definitely try to make things harder for you, but you should have mentally strong enough to overcome all those barriers and continue life as normal.

6. Do not get afraid

Fear is a thing that ruins your confidence and enables your enemies to harm you. Do not live under pressure and never allow fear to hamper your normal life. You can take help and support from your loved ones, stay in touch with them.

5. Control your tongue and never misbehave with them

Always remember there is a great power in silence. Do not attack your enemies with bad words or bad behavior; rather keep silence in front of them.  It will make your opponent to feel embarrassing and uncomfortable.

4. Do not allow negative things to affect your mind

There is always good side as well as bad side in life. Your enemies may try to bring disaster in your life, but you stay strong. Whatever the state may be, do not allow anything to damage your personal life.

To Kill Enemies

3. Stay happy

Always try to stay happy, this will wound your enemies more effectively. They won’t dare to harm you farther.

2. Make your enemy a good friend of yours

Your enemy may try to harm you, but you should always try to maintain a friendly behavior with him/her. Try to make your enemy a friend so that he/she will find shame to keep enmity for you

1. Kill your enemy with kindness

Do not show your enemies that you are facing tough time. Forgive their activities and always smile in front of them. Always be kind with them. This will make your enemies shamed. This is the best way among the top 10 ways to kill your enemies.


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