Top 10 Ways to Kill Someone

There are thousands of ways to kill someone, the article aims in showing the common methods used but does not promote any one to follow the guide lines. These top ten ways are followed by Government, Enemy or Terrorist organizations to kill people.

10. Gas Chamber.

How is it done: Here a person is locked up in an air tight chamber and pellets of cyanide are dropped into sulfuric acid which creates hydrogen cyanide which can kill the prisoner in few minutes?

9. Lethal Injection.

How is it done: Here a person is injected with three different chemicals potassium chloride which stops the heart beat, pancuronium bromide for paralysis and Sodium thiopental for sedation?

8. Exsanguinations

How is it done: Here a person’s wrist is cut using a blade or razor or broken glass piece which causes extreme bleeding causing the heart to stop resulting death, this is a sort of torture where the person takes few mins in acute pain todie.

7. Suffocation

How is it done: Here a person is killed using a pillow to cover the face of the victim and press hard against the face so the person die is couple of mins which can also be done using a plastic cover? Usually robbers follow this method to conduct the robbery without any hurdles.

6. Electrocution

How is it done: Here a person is killed by passing high voltage current into the victim’s body which results into instant death, however the success rate is very low because it may blow up fuse while electrocuting.

5. Poisoning

How is it done: Here a person or a group of people is killed by poisoning them with food or water causing slow and mass death, this is usually done by terrorists or enemies who want to take revenge on the society? The death is very slow but can kill instantly if the dosage is high.

4. Lethal Weapons:

How is it done: Here a person is killed with the help of lethal weapons such as knife, hammer, or any sharp or heavy objects which damages the victim’s body parts, usually conducted by enemies to kill the victims?

Kill Someone

3. Hanging

How is it done: Here a convicted is hanged with the help of a rope, usually conducted by governments for dangerous criminals and terrorists in many countries which are considered illegal in few countries.

2. Gun Shot

How is it done: Here a person or a group of people are killed by shooting him on head, chest or any body part resulting in instant death in few instances?It is mainly done by government organizations, terrorists, gang wars and armies on general public or militant groups for various reasons.

1. Bomb Blast

How is it done: Here a person or a group of people are killed by blasting a bomb in highly crowded areas to kill maximum number of people, this is done only by terrorists on general public behind a motive. However this is considered illegal and banned throughout the world.


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