Top 10 Most Secured Prisons in the World

Prisons can be compared to hell. Sometimes the brutality of the prisons is revealed in newspapers. One such case happened in USA with Afghan prisoners. Later it was clarified by the US government that the prisoners are treated in harsh conditions to maintain security in house. But my today’s ranking is based on the security and not the brutality. So here we go through the top 10 most secure prisons of the world where the inmates are treated in a better way. There human rights are preserved but they get the true punishment of their crimes and dare not imagine set themselves free because that is something impossible. The ranking is based on three parameters, number of layers of security, number of guards and electronic surveillance. So here are the top 10 most secure prisons of the world –

10-Qincheng prison (location- China)


This is the maximum security prison in China. It is situated on the hills at a height of around 3000 feet above the sea level.  Any attempt of escaping from prison will make you fall in a deep valley. The prison is guarded by around 5000 men along with the camera and other electronic equipments. This jail has the highest watch tower.

9-Tadmor military prison (location-Syria)


The truth of the prison was reveled in latest insurgency operation by the NATO forces on Syria. The democracy supporters were treated in a very harsh way inside the prison. Prisoners were executed at a very massive scale. There were tied with hinges and beaten with metal rods. The prison entry was permanently closed and there was no entrance gate in the prison. The entry to the prison was made through n underground tunnel. That was too narrow to walk. You have to crawl to get in our get out of the jail making it the toughest job to do. Tunnel was guided by laser beams and any trespassing would result in execution.

8-Camp delta (Guantanamo bay) (location USA)


Camp delta prison was built by the engineers of navy Seabees. Due to the recent allegations of physical abuse and torture US president is in favor of shutting it down. This prison is a place for interrogation which is commonly used by US intelligence unit as well as the armed forces of USA. This place has tight security with maximum number of guards at one place. There is a weekly update held giving points to the prisoners according to their behavior. The security is increased or decreased based on the individual raking. Sometimes the security is tightened so much that the number of guards per prisoner reaches to 12. You can imagine it well how can u escape 12 pairs of well trained eyes of American seal commandos.

 7-Fuchu prison (location- Japan)


This prison has the true technology implemented which matches advancement in Japan in recent years.  This is the largest prison of Japan. It holds both Japanese as well as foreign prisoners. The prison has most advanced emergency alert system in the world. The Japanese government hasn’t revealed the general blue print of the jail for study purpose making this prison as the least known but best governed prison in the world.

 6-Arthur road jail (location- Mumbai , India)


This jail is situated in Mumbai and is the most secure prison in India. It is spread in a large area of about 2 acres and equipped with the most advanced cell which can even tolerate the nuclear bomb.  In short some cells of the prison can’t even be broke using a nuclear bomb. This prison was home to one of them deadliest terrorist Ajmal Kasab who was recently hanged. Not even a single trespassing has been indentified till date and none of the prisoners have escaped from the prison.

5-Souza-Baranowski center (location- Shirley, MA)


This prison is designed and equipped by the students of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of technology). The team that designed the security system for this jail holds the record of forming the largest camera matrix which is installed in the prison. The cameras record 24 hours and at an every angle. The doors are electronically controlled. Automatic locks are there in 1705 doors. This prison also uses one of the most advanced security system for the perimeter monitoring. This means that this prison also watches the surrounding areas for any suspected activity.

4-Federal Correctional Complex (location- Terre Haute, USA)The-Federal-Correctional--009

This prison is said to be the most high tech prison in terms of technology. The prison uses the most advanced electronics surveillance system in the world. There are the least number of guards in this prison to monitor manually because everything is monitored electronically. 360 degree view is generated through the cameras and monitored through control room. Motion detection sensors are installed at each and every step. Even the face detection technology is used to check the inmates and identify their personal information. All the cells are secured and locked by biometric locks. Even the hollow man can’t enter the prison because infrared heat sensors are also installed making it the safest place to stay in and toughest place to get out.

3-La santé prison (location- Paris, France)

la sante

This jail is famous for its brutality with prisoners. But the prison authorities deny the reports. In 2002, 122 prisoners committed suicide. Investigation was launched and the truth that revealed was very shocking. These prisoners died due to suffocation. They tried to escape from the prison and got trapped in a tunnel from where they couldn’t come out. Such secure was the drainage system of the prison. Although when in 2003, 73 more men died France government started shifting the prisoners from La santé giving the reason that if prisoners continue to make such attempts then casualties will increase. This was the only prison from where inmates were shifted so that they don’t make any more attempt and die.

2-Alcatraz island prison (location- San Francisco ,CA)


This prison holds the legacy of being a legend. Although it was closed in 1963 after its brutality with criminals were revealed yet it holds the record for not letting escape even a single prisoner in 43 years. Not even a single attempt was made to break the jail security. Well the inmates there were wise enough to not to do such foolish things because the prison is surrounded by sea from all side. Built in 1920 this prison is known as “the rock” and “the devil’s island. So this legend deserves the second place although it is not in running condition at present time yet its legacy can be seen in films.

1-ADX Florence (location-Florence Fremont Country , Colorado)


The administrative maximum facility (ADX)  is described as the most secure prison in the world by Guinness book of world records. The prison is said as dark house for the prisoners. None of the prisoners are lucky enough to see the sun or moon during their stay in the prison. It has multi level security and there is no direct access to prisoner’s cell. The prisoners are not allowed to come out of the cell. Food is supplied by the help of guards and no common mess is there. Reports reveal that the prisoners don’t even get t know their fellow inmates for years. So next you try to do something wrong better wish not to get caught and put into ADX.


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