Top 10 Most Popular Spy Agencies of the World

The word spy is not a just a word. James Bond the great spy initiated this job of spying to be the coolest job all around. Spying is related to danger, excitement and adventure. Today when the countries all around the world are having disputes and cold wars between them, we need to have something like a agency so as to keep a check on the activities of other countries against us and that’s what we call a spying agency. A spying agency is the one which is formed by the motive of gathering significant information about the country and also to perform various sting operations just to enhance the security of the country. So here we have the list of top 10 most famous spying agencies throughout the world

10. CSIS


The Canadian Security Intelligent Service (CSIS) established to create a Canadian intelligence in 1984.It was formed after the fall of Royal Canadian Mounted Police which had handled the job of CSIS before its formation. The agents work both internationally and intra-nationally in order to manage the threads in the country as well as outside the country. The agency was very much criticized after the explosion of Air India Flight 182 which was happened in 1985. This tragedy took the like of around 280 people of Canada. The incident took place due to various strategic investigation errors made by CSIS. The pattern of working of CSIS resembles much of the pattern of MI6 and CIA. The agency proved itself during the white-supremacist moment in between 1988-1994. Because of the agency the Canada prevented much mishap which could have happened.



The Australian Secret Intelligent Service (ASIS) which was established in 1952 and is located in Australia. The bill has been passed by Australian government in spite the bill passed was controversial but  it made it easy for ASIS to work with other agencies. Its agents were not involved individually in the paramilitary operations with CIA etc. The agency was created with the motive of collection of information and also for the synchronization of various agencies all around the world. ASIS has been a successful agency in exposing many scandals in the recent years.


8. RAW

Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) is an Indian agency established in 1968 in order to improve the country’s intelligence for the wars against china and Pakistan. The agency is not liable to Indian Parliament and is introduced as a part of federal cabinet. The agency has a big hand behind the formation of Bangladesh.  The agency one failed to reach the standard when it flunked in recognizing the link of terrorist group with Pakistan intelligence. The major focus of the agency is towards the Pakistani activities as they are quiet frequent.


7. Mossad


Mossad the spy agency of Israel is counted as one among the active agencies of the world. The director of this agency is directly in contact with the Prime Minister, head of state and so reports directly to the Prime Minister about every activity against Israel. The main aim of Israel is to gather significant data, various operations and also for counter-terrorism. The staff of this agency is also known to be the part of defense forces of Israel. The agency is also very popularly known for its departments like “Metsada” and “Special Operation Division”. Several assassinations and paramilitary operations were the part of Metsada department. This agency in 1960 succeeded in finding out the criminal Adolf Eichmann  living in Argentina with the fake name of Ricardo Klement


6. BND

In order to spy the Soviet Union the agency Bundesnachrichtendienst was established. It is responsible for making the government alert against the threats .The agency is located in Germany and was introduced before the World War II with a big yearly budget of 430,000,000 Euros. The agency had involved itself in many scandals of supposed wiretapping and reporters as spies.


5. ISI

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) residing in Pakistan was established in 1948 by Pakistan government to have a strong bond required for the flow information between navy, army and air-force. This agency had strong connections with CIA and has worked efficiently with it. The agency turned out to be a powerful and active in preventing counter-terrorism. The agency operates as “invisible” fashion also the agency is said to interrupt is the case which has plotted to kill  General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, the president of Pakistan. The people who plotted had planned to commence a coup in order to dispose the government.




The Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) is located in  France was established in 1982 with the replacement of older Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage (SDECE) .The agency was made accountable  for detection of external activities  against France and also to  collect important information for preventive measures. In 1980 the agency proved its importance as they succeeded in illuminating the Soviet spy network. which was helping USSR to collect significant information about western technologies.


3. GRU

KGB the Russian intelligence was scattered by Boris Yeltsin in 1995 and is located in Russia. The older GRU( Glavnoje Razvedyvatel Upravlenije) continued on and remained unaffected by the descend of USSR. This was created by Vladimir Lenin in 1918,  in order to handle all military intelligence. The major anti-national events in Eastern Europe have involved GRU in their significant part.


2. MI6

The well known secret intelligence company which is located in United Kingdom is named as MI6.This agency was involved in conflicts of 20th and 21st century and was created just before the World War I, in order to keep an eye on the actions of Imperial German government. In order to share intelligence and also to perform various tasks, this agency completely collaborated with the American counterparts. MI6 is very successful in its unaccompanied mission except Bind bedded pussy Galore. It initiated an internal disagreement in Lebanese paramilitary groups which remarkably distracted them by gaining extra convict.


1. CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency is located in United States and was established in 1947 with three aims. It investigates the facts about public relations, analyses the information obtained about foreigners and also performs the operations directed by the president. Much of the facility was provided to CIA during the course of the cold war. This free agency was involved many chaos and assassinations all over, some of which are successful. This agency successfully battled with USSR’s agency named as KGB. The cases with Chile and Congo were successful whereas the one with Cuba was unsuccessful. To maintain the fame, CIA carried out mind-control experiments and searched for the traits in people like false memory, multiple Personality etc. In this research they used to keep brain electrodes in people to control their behavior and had also used electroconvulsive therapy which can erase memory.


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