Top 10 Most Cruel Judicial Capital Punishments

If you think we are civilized then you would be doubt that after reading this. There are still brutal, cruel, and inhuman methods of punishment exist in some countries which are ordered by the law makers. Here is a list of 10 types of such execution procedures:

10. Hanging: This is a common form of punishment exists in most part of the world where the convict is hanged to death. Though some of the developed countries have banned it, it is still very common in Iraq, Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Singapore, Botswana and Sudan.

9. Capital punishment by suspension hanging: In this method, the accused is hanged to death by crane or some other heavy machinery. The accused is lifted by strap from the ground by the crane and hanged to death. After the death, the scenario becomes horrible, as the tongue come out from the dead body.

8. Execution by short drop hanging: Here the offender is hanged to death from a short distance that includes only inches from the ground. The rope measurement varies country-wise. In this process of execution, the accused dies by breaking of his neck bone while trying to freeing himself.

7. Stoning: In Iran, this medieval inhuman practice of execution still exists. Iranian law give the verdict of stoning to both male and female convicts. Women are buried up to the neck whereas males are whipped out before stoning.

6. Capital punishment by long drop hanging: Long drop hanging is also known as measured drop hanging. British soldiers used to apply it on the prisoners. In this process, prisoner’s body measurement, height, weight etc are measured and according to that they are hanged. Sometimes the accused head is ripped off. It is considered as the most inhuman form of punishment in Britain.

5. Electric chair: Instead of hanging, a new method of execution was invented in the U.S. in 1888. It was the introduction of electric chair for prisoners. A prisoner serving capital punishment is electrocuted in this chair, but does not die instantly. It takes time to die. It is a legal method in Virginia, Alabama, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

4. Mutilation: Basically this punishment is served in the Muslim countries where a prisoner dies after mutilation is done. Under Islamic law, mutilation includes several brutal punishments like chemical blinding, cutting of hands or other body parts, eye gouging and taking away fingers.

Judicial Capital Punishments

3. Shooting: Execution by shooting still exist in the countries of Belarus, few parts of China Afghanistan, Utah, North Korea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Yemen, Indonesia and Vietnam. In this process prisoners are lined up and shot on head by special firing squads. However, most of the countries do not practice this punishment anymore.

2. Standard drop hanging: In this system, prisoners are hanged in rope and pushed from four to six feet. Dropping from such a height results in breaking of neck, slashing of skin; and cause decapitation.

1. Judicial caning: Countries like Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, this process of execution is performed for male prisoners and it causes severe physical damage.

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