Top 10 Impressive Steals of Peculiar Things

Stealing is considered a crime around the world but this is not the venue to talk about the morality behind it not this is written to condone the thieves. What you will see here is the list of odd things that people managed to steal – things that you will not usually think of stealing.

10. The challenge presented by two mini-trains

Saying mini is an understatement because each weighs almost a ton. It is weird to know that there is no motive behind the crime. It is just a mere challenge to thieves that two mini trains are in the public without being stolen.

9. The whole automated teller machine

You see in movies how techy people manage to crack and hack the security code of any machine to get what they want. Some thieves though do not have this technology and they decided to steal the whole ATM instead. Many are still amazed how they manage to do it given that each machine is very heavy not to mention that it is securely fixed into a wall.

8. Prepping cocktails with a glacier

Glaciers melt but this did not prevent a thief from getting a 5 ton-glacier to sell to bars for their cocktail drinks. There are plenty of cheap ice out there so why would anyone think of going that far as to steal a glacier?

7. It is surprising to find a NASA rocket engine for sale at Ebay

It is only natural for agencies to protect their properties so it comes as a surprise when the Saturn RL-10 rocket engine of NASA became an item at Ebay. People will presume that the thief or thieves have a plan that is at par with those seen on movies that involves stealing.

6. The guard dogs were not able to do their duty

People buy guard dogs in the hope that they will keep their property safe at some point. It is useless though when the thieves aim for the dog.

5. Ukraine crooks aim for a full sized train

Some thieves used fake documents to take the train from the yard. With this, they certainly deserve to be on this list. Imagine their effort for stealing a 60-ton machine.

Mini Train

4. The case of the missing house

A landlord in Malaysia discovered that his house had been stolen and it raised some eyebrows when they filed a report about a missing house.

3. A tank of fuel

You might say that there is nothing peculiar in stealing a petrol tanker full of fuel but that is not the case for this item. The thieves brought their own truck and filled it with fuel to their heart’s content. The surprising thing? No one realized what they were doing.

2. The mysterious disappearance of a bridge

A 200-ton bridge in Khabarovsk, Russia was stolen without leaving any trace. Who and how could anyone afford to do such thing? Maybe, Magneto of X-Men really exists and he is having difficulty pronouncing the name so he decided to get rid of it.

1. Corn

This one word is not a convincing top 1 until you know the whole story. A cob or a bucket of corn is not a surprising steal but 50 tons of corn from a moving train is. Some crooks in Brazil might be hungry and health conscious because it also has loads of sugar but they were only after the corn.

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