Top 10 Genocides In History

Genocide is defined as an act of systematically killing the whole or a part of a race or massive group of people. There are infamous personalities in history that committed mass murders in the past and bent to annihilate a race. History unveils the following human monsters and the number of victims they laid waste in their paths. Here are the top ten genocides in human history.

10. Yakubu “Jack” Dan-Yumma Gowon

On May 30, 1967, Biafra’s Lieutenant Colonel Ojukwu and Obasanju declared the formal secession of the Nigeria’s eastern region known as the Republic of Biafra. This triggered a massive civil war, where government forces led by their head of state Yakubu Gowon launched a 30-month military campaign against the Biafran secessionist. Gowon’s campaign won back the oil rich state of Biafra for Nigeria with the cost of 100,000 soldier deaths from both sides by 1970. In his trail of carnage, Gowon annihilated at least 1,000,000 Biafran civilians through systematic killings and starvation by means of food and resource blockade.

9. Kim II Sung

Kim II Sung is the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).He became the Prime Minister in 1948-1972 and president in 1972 until his death in 1994. Kim II Sung DPRK led a campaign to purify the Korean blood line and purged the half-bloods. Hundreds of thousands of half-blood Korean children, infants and unborn fetus were radically exterminated or forcibly aborted during this campaign. North Korea outlawed the practice of religion and imprisoned more than a million Christians and their family in concentration camps where they were forced to work till death. His reign had seen the deaths of more than 1,600,000 Christian deaths and half blood Korean children.

8. Polpot

Polpot was a Cambodian Communist leader who led the Khmer Rouge that gain Cambodian military rule in 1975. Polpot’s radical experiment to achieve agrarian utopia inspired by Mao Zedong’s cultural and communist reforms led to the radical secession of Cambodia from all forms of western and foreign influences. Educators,dissidents, political enemies, defectors, western supporters were all systematically executed from 1975 to 1979. Families were forced into agrarian slavery till their death, raising the death toll more than 1,700,000 Cambodians and foreigners within the 4 years of Khmer Rouge reign.

7. MenghistuHalileMariam

Menghistu was the head of state of Ethiopia and Chairman of the Derg of Ethiopia in 1977-1987. This infamous political leader of the Ethiopian Communist Military Junta committed mass executions of civilians, students and political leaders that numbered almost 2,000,000 in 1977-1978, known today as the Ethiopian Red Terror or the QeyShibir. He was convicted in 2006 for genocide in absentia because he sought asylum in Zimbabwe.

6. Ismail Enver

Europeans also know him as Enver Pasha or EnverBey, young Turkish military officer who led the Ottoman in both Balkan Wars and World War 1. He was primarily responsible for the Armenian Genocide and was tried in absentia in 1919-1920. He executed 2,500,000 civilians and refugees between 1915 to1922, mostly Armenians which numbered more than 1,200,000 refugees through mass execution. He also vanquished hundreds of thousands of Greeks and Assyrians in his Ottoman conquest.

5. Hideki Tojo

Hideki Tojo was Japan’s War Minister and Prime Minister in 1941. He authorized the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, defeated the British in Singapore and drove off the Americans from the Philippines. He instigated the Japan foreign war policies in driving off European rule from the Far East by invading European occupied territories in Asia. His belligerence towards war prisoners among Japan-occupied territories killed at least 5,000,000 war prisoners in the Far East and South East Asia. He was tried as a war criminal by 1948 and hanged to death.

4. Joseph Stalin

Also known as LosifVissarionovich Stalin succeeded Lenin and led the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1952. Stalin vanquished Ukraine’s bid for independence by executing hundreds of thousands of scholars, political leaders and ordinary citizens falsely accusing them of plotting against his rule. Other prisoners were sent to remote parts of Russia in prison Gulags to labor and die. He purged Ukraine of the Kulaks class whom he believed would instigate future revolts against him. Stalin sent more than 7,000,000 Ukrainians to their deaths through starvation, imprisonment and execution.

History in Genocides

3. Leopold II of Belgium

Leopold II was the king of Belgium from 1865 to 1909. He is popularly remembered as founder of the Congo Free State (CFS).  He was acclaimed as the sole owner of the Congo Free Stateand now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. In his reign, Leopold II amassed great fortune from his exploits of ivory, rubber and minerals from the CFS. Several slave camps were established to extract the resources in Leopold’s name driving the African slaves to overwork in the rubber plantation and mineral mines. The inhumane treatment, starvation, execution and torture resulted to a staggering death toll of over 8,000,000 African Congo slaves in his reign of oppression.

2. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler was the center of World War II in Europe, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust which killed more than 12,000,000 people including Jews that died in concentrations camps and more than 3,000,000 Russian prisoners. Hitler aimed to establish a new order of imperial dominance of German Nazi in Europe. His quest for European dominance fueled the World War II rampage in Europe alongside with his anti-semantic and anti-communist state policies.

1. Mao Zedong

Mao sponsored the worst genocide in human history in terms of lives lostand quadrupled Hitler’s death list. His genocide record reached more than 49,000,000 livesespecially during the first three years of the Great Leap Forward campaign. Mao Zedong wanted to catch up industrially amongst superpower nations in a very short period of time. China’s main import was steel to boost industry, consequently emptying the coffers for food production, giving rise to famine and starvation.  All those who opposed his regime were sentenced to death and over half a million of them in the first year of his campaign. Mao was also bent to destroy the integral Chinese family culture to abolish capitalism and propagate the equal distribution of propriety through Communism; this ideation caused the execution of more than 30,000,000 dissidents. Ongoing researches on the Mao genocide have revealed new evidences that suggest more grueling deaths that may now total to more than 78,000,000 human lives lost.

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