Top 10 Easy Painless Ways to Die

There are many ways to die some are painful and some are painless. Below given is the list by which one can die in least painful way. Thus on advancing we have also advanced in developing the very fast and easiest way to die here are the following ways.


10. Fire suffocation

Another way to die painlessly in the list is fire or get suffocated in fired place or close rrom. Depending on the size and distance between you and fire, you will die that fast. It is because the carbon monoxide chocks the airway passage and we find unable to breath. Fire slowly and steadily finishes everything and leaves a heavy amount of smoke that person find unable to breathe and then die finally. The cause for dying in fire is the chemical they smoke, most common chemicals are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and even hydrogen cyanide.


9.Sleeping pills

The world’s best way to die is to take some sleeping pills and sleep forever or take some heavy or strong poison can also lead to death. Most common poisons are hydrogen cyanide, pesticides and drug overdose. Poisons are believed to be best way to make someone die in very short period and in a very quick way. Sleeping pills are easily available in the market for the old age patients who finds difficulty in sleeping but overdose of it can cause to death to anyone as the amount of taking pills a day is printed and advised already but still misuse is done by the suicide lovers who do not want to live the life because of some reason. Today this method is very common and almost a daily headline of newspaper.


8.Shoot yourself in head

The instant way to die is to shoot yourself with a gun and you will be no more able to see this life again. Shooting can be done in various ways but the best to shot you is at the head. It is observed that brain and heart which is the delicate parts of our body if hunted then a person finds it easy to die in a very short time. It is observed that this is the very common method among everybody today. Whenever people find that life is hard to live or get dumped, ditched, or face a great loss and lose a life then rather solving it they love to die by shooting themselves.


7.Carbon monoxide inhalation

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas and continuous inhalation can lead to serious problem. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless and initially non-irritating hence a person is unable to figure out the problem and easily move closer to death. It is a gas which chemically combines with hemoglobin of blood and form carboxyhemoglobin which does not allow any more binding between oxygen and hemoglobin leading to hypoxia and reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. This gas is produced by incomplete combustion along with carbon dioxide but carbon monoxide is more harmful and can easily cause death to a person.


6.Jumping from Empire Estate Building

Another fast, quick and easy way to die is fall from a height. If your partner has ditched you or life has dumped you then people finds the best to way to die is o on top of the big storey building and step out within a seconds you will be dead .It is reported that during night people are forced to death by this method. Depending on the height you will be dead but if failure occurs then life will be a cursed more than before the reason for dying it may lead to some organ failure, comma, paralysis, and bone fractures in common. Falling from a height may be suicide intentionally and sometimes mistake like during skydiving or parachute unable to open in air etc. moreover the ground also depends on the loss occurred if there is just soil beneath then nothing much harm will occur.



The most common way used by people and the government to make a person die is hanging. Hanging is the easiest to end one’s life. It is called suicide when people did it knowingly and it is called payment when it is announced by court to someone due to some crime. It causes unconsciousness within 10 seconds and victim seems to dancing during hangout. A long rope is used which is tied on the neck of the victim and a small opening is made below when it is opened the man hangs in the air and lose life. It depends on the weight of the person to die little seconds early.


4.Dying under anesthesia

Anesthesia means without sensation. In anesthetic condition sensation or feeling of pain is permanently blocked so that killing process is easily done. Though anesthesia is done o a patient before operating on him because it cause no pain till the operation has been completed. But in case of suicides it is a best method because it is painless and guaranteed. Anesthesia does not allow a person to think, to feel he just can know what is happening but cannot feel it neither react on it.

3. Dying in sleep

Dying in sleep is the next point of discussion in our list. Sudden unexpected death syndrome, or Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS)cause sudden unexpected death to adults and adolescents. It can make anyone dead during sleeping time. It is called a natural death and can come unknowingly and unnoticeable.


2.Lethal injection

This method is approved by us government to be painless. It is introduced in Oklahoma in 1977. It consists of three stages in the form of three drug injections. First pone is anaesthetic thiopental to remove any pain then pancuronium also called as paralytic agent to chock and stop breathing lastly potassium chloride which stops the heart immediately and instantly. Hence this doctor method is legal and lethal way which causes no pain and no more time to die. Each drug dose is supposed to be lethal and take closer to death in a very speedy way. This is a very effective and painless as it has been tried on animals like before applying it to human.


1 .Drowning

Drowning is not the natural process and not painful of course. It depends on the person to person that if he knows swimming and is in the middle of sea and cannot swim further then may take some time but it hardly 80 to i0 seconds to die for a normal person. Drowning is caused when it comes to ‘surface struggle’ on earth that is in water when he unable to breath anymore and his lungs get filled with water and airway gets blocked. The person may arrested by death due to suffocation in underwater today drowning has become a common problem. The feeling of tearing and burning arises when water blocks the airway and get collected in the lungs.


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