Top 10 Dumbest Criminals

If there are clever and intelligent criminals out there whom some police officers find hard to catch for years, there are also dumb criminals who just can’t be forgotten. Let me show you the top 10 dumbest criminals out there who committed hilarious crimes that you won’t believe they’ve done.

Derrick Mosley

Derrick is one of those criminals who hilariously tried to rob a gun shop with the use of a baseball bat! Obviously, robbing such a high end store needs more than just a baseball bat. Now the owner of the shop simply pointed his own gun at Derrick until the cops arrived. Isn’t this one of the dumbest and hilarious crime?

Michael Anthony Fuller

One of the dumbest too was the case of Michael who planned to use to a fake $1 million bill to buy the things he want. He tried purchasing a lot of goods such as a microwave, vacuum cleaner and a lot more which totalled to $476 and used the fake $1 million bill to pay for it. This was such an unbelievable crime since fake bills are rampant already and to think he used $1 million bill makes it more fake! He was then arrested for false pretense!

Waldo Soroa and His Gang

This criminal act is quite hilarious for these guys tried breaking into someone’s home and stole a lot few items. They even stole a container which is filled with cremated remains of a dog, a cat and the owner of the house! They thought it was a narcotic substance and have tried sniffing it! Later, they realized what they did was simply one of the dumbest because the narcotic substance turned out not to be what they expected!

Levi Detweiler

Have you ever heard someone charged of a criminal offence such as “over driving an animal”? Yes, Levi was charged for this offence for crossing the road despite its red stop light with the use of his horse and buggy! It was one of the worlds slowest cross and police tried to chase him! This could possibly be the slowest police chase ever recorded.

Willie Avery

What will you do if you asked someone to buy you marijuana for $10 and never returned? Willie Avery did the same thing but his only mistake was he called 911 after the guy who was asked to purchase the marijuana never returned!

John Szwalla

One of the most hilarious crimes to do is rob an internet cafe using a banana as the weapon right? This is what John Szwalla did! He was then caught and was said to be charged for destroying the evidence.

Anamicka Dave

Another marijuana victim is Anamicka. She stupidly posted online that she is new in the area and would love to have someone to help her get a marijuana! Undercover police gets into action and arrested her. Pretty dumb for announcing the need to buy one.

James Blankenship

Another dumbest criminal act was what James did for breaking into his mother’s property and hid in crawl space. When he was to be arrested, he claimed he should not be arrested since it was night time and that’s not possible! What was he thinking?!

Timothy Randall Clark

This guy definitely knows the perfect timing of when to shop lift! He has decided to do shop lifting during a charity event entitled “Shop with a cop” which was attended by 50 police officers. Of course, he got caught right away and was charged with theft! This is one dumbest crime to do.

Peter Addison

A graffiti artist with a bad taste of idea. Peter Addison vandalized a property together with his friend and wrote his name on the wall “Peter Addison was here”. The cop traced his whereabouts and was caught!

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