Top 10 Deadliest Jails in the World-Harsh and Cruel

Jails are the structures used to imprison the criminals who have attempted any crime. It is a place where many fundamental rights of citizens (rather criminal) are snatched by them. In order to punish them they are kept in the jail. Sometimes they are torcher physically and mentally too. If there are no less no. of criminals in the world then, there also no less no of dangerous and deadliest jails are in the same world. People are frightened of the jails this is also a reason for which they are not committing any crime. Otherwise they might not be thinking before committing any crime if there is no jail and punishment system. History is the witness that it is very old system followed by our society to punish any convict in order to make him realize what he had did and to make sure not to do this again. But in case of very serious crime there is no scope of bail and no further chance is given to offender to improve on his offense.

Here are top 10 deadliest jails in the world:

10.Rikers Island Prison

Rikers island prison is an American prison stated at New York. In 2003, 6 prisoners committed suicide with the bed sheets provided in their cells by hanging themselves. In 2007, one of the prisoners was so seriously beaten that he had to go for brain surgery immediately. This jail is famous for its cruel behavior with the ill mentally prisoners who often committed suicide in the end. Generally the prisoners are kept here for some crime related to drugs. The jail is really a dangerous place as anyone can be scared by seeing the punishment given to the offenders.

9.Bank Kwank Prision

Bang kwang prison is located in Thailand. Here criminals are not given death by hanging them whereas they are given a death by a lethal injection. In fact they are only noticed 2 hours before of their death. This jail is somewhat different from others. The rules are somewhere different in comparison of other jails. They do not believe in coddling the criminals rather they make them move in the welded leg iron. They says that the “Thai prisons are tough … you don’t want to be in bang kwang”. The jail is so deadly that nobody wants to be caught at least in this prison.

8.Carandiru Pententiary, Brazil

If you take a watch over this prison, you will find the heartbreaking scenes! The prisoners who are awarded punishment in this jail are found to have many sexually transmitted diseases like HIV positive (i.e., 20% of the prisoners were noted who got attacked by HIV positive soon after their imprisonment). If any inmate need medical treatment or surgery or medicine then they are left on their severe condition and no such treatment is provided to them. Cruelty, massacre and riots are the common scenes over here.

7. La Sante Prison, France:

Again La Santé Prison is one of the dangerous prisons in the world. Almost 100 prisoners commit suicide every year in order to get rid of it. The torcher is so extreme that it is not bearable by inmates and hence they finally decide to commit suicide. A former doctor wrote that she was left dismayed that how the prisoners are kept here in what miserable condition they are! And others were trying to commit suicide by swallowing rat poison (kept there to kill rats), drain cleaner, forks. This is even not the end here, women were systematically raped also.

6. ADX Florence SuperMax Facility, Colorado

The prison is also called as “clean version of hell”. Whenever the offenders are sent here for the first 23 hours they are been isolated. This prison contains the eviler criminals in it of America. ADX’s capacity to hold male criminals is 490 at a time. Each cell of this prison contains a desk, stool and a bed made up of concrete for the prisoners and also a toilet. This prison has the snuggest control on all the prisoners over this jail. ADX  Florence SuperMax facility is a central prison.

5.Sao Paulocarandiru Prison, Brazil

This prison is also on the top of the most dangerous prison list. Here in every 5 inmates 1 is suffering from AIDS. Yes, AIDS! Here AIDS is the common disease by which 20% of the prisoners are suffering. Violence is not only the intimidating thing over here the big problem is epidemic spreading all over very highly. And this has grabbed many inmates by its effect and no attention is giving to them. Criminals are ruining in this dark hell. Gross fundamental rights are also banned for them.

4.Darapchi Prison

The prison is known for its harsh, brutal behavior over criminals. Prisoners are beaten to the extreme extent that is really very difficult for them to resist the pain. Even if they explore a word in order to go back to the prison or they say a single abuse to the guard they are beaten like hell or sometimes killed on the spot. We can never image their actual condition by sitting at our homes and just by reading an article. Once, one prisoner was treated so inhumanly so he lost the ability to speak. Except all of it, prisoners are forced to study communism.

3. Tadmor Military Prison

Tadmor military prison is located in Palmyra, Syria with inmate population of 4,500. Torture, beating, inhumanbehavior and axe chopping are the common scenes at this hell place. In 1980,Rifa’at Asad military shot down all 500 inmates in the prison. This was the worst prison massacre all over the world till date.That time guards were given the unlimited power to do with the prisoners what they could do. And as a result of it all of the 500 prisoners were died.Also death was the ultimate price for the conspirators.

2.Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña (la Cabaña Political Prison)

The prison is located in Havana, Cuba with the great inmate population of 75,000. At this place people get arrested without warrants and are sentenced without hearings. Prisoners are treated like animals and inhuman behavior is again followed here too. When prisoners step here they had to forget their fundamental rights. For highly punishable prisoners, sent to such a small cells where they can’t even sit down properly and can’t lay down. Partiality is one of the important issues here. Even if the trail is planned,judges have fixed the decisions in advance.

1.Kwan-li-so NO.22 Haengyong(Camp 22)

This prison is located in Hoeryoug, North Korea. No one is left from this prison, men women, children not even infants! In actually, every citizen is always in great danger of their and their family well-being, as the country is really very typical and is more likely to be a prison itself. Cold-hear-ted behavior conducted on all prisoners even on the new born infants also. What else can be more lethal than this! And the limitless thing is women are not allowed to shriek while giving birth to offspring and if they do so, sentinels beat them till they stop shouting.

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