Top 10 Cruel Serial Killers in the World

Human life is valubled most as compare to other thing. Serial killers are the most dangerous persons  and heartless monsters who had made human life in danger and scary. These serial killers had had committed murder one after another because of their mental illness or their hatered against the victim. Their murders has made both the society and police in a shock state.  These top 10 serial killers ranked in the list because of their way of killing and  their number of murders. Their mental illness was treated by the doctors but had no effect on them. Their enthusiasm of committing crime had mark their name in the history and keep attention of the public on them.

Here is the list of top 10 real serial killers in the world :

10. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy born on November 24, 1946 is a famous serial killer of u.S. He used to raped and murder the young women in United Nation between 1974 and 1978. He had confessed to commit the charge of 30 murders but the exact figure is still unknown. He used to raped a young women first and then murder her by bludgeoning and strangulation. He was executed to electric chair on January 24, 1989 at 7.06 a.m. He was a mentally sick serial killer as he used to talk wid the dead body , decorate her and used to do sex until the putrefaction forced him to burn the remains. He used to drink alchol before finding a victim.

9.  Javed Iqbal

Jsaved Iqbal born on 1956 is a serial killer from Lahore. He had killed 100 boys within the period of 18 months. He was arrested in June 1998 for sexually  abusing 2 boys for money. He used to find boys on the street, gained their confidence drugged them and then rape them. He used to cut the body into pieces and put the cut pieces in a vat filled with the hydrochloric acid. He used to keep the clothing and the shoes of the boys as the trophies of his crime. But sooner he was arrested and was hang till death on October 7, 2001. Diary written by javed Iqbal was found in which he wrote that he is not at all ashamed and guilty of killing 1000 boys. He said that he hate this World.

8. John Haigh

John Haigh was also a serial killer born on july 24, 1909 in U.K. It was also known as Acid Bath Murderer and was a leading serial killer in England during 1940’s. He had killed more than 9 people. He used kill people and dissolve their body in sulphuric acid. He not suffering from any mental sickness as he used to kill people who have cheated or hurted him.

7. Dennis Rader

Denis Rader born in 1945 was a serial killer who committed murder of around 10 people in Sedgwick  from 1974 and 1991. He was also called as BTK killer and BTK strangler which means Blind, Torture and Kill treatment. He used to send killing and taunting letters to Police and newspaper. He used to carry a ‘hit kit’ along with him that consists of the equipment he used during his murder.

6. Joachim Kroll

Joachim Kroll was born in 1933 and was a serial killer of Germany. He was also known as Ruhr Cannibal and  Duisburg Man-Eater. He is accused in the charge of committing 13 murder attempts. He used to kill the young girls and after that cut there body parts and used to cook it and kept other parts of the body in the fridge. He often used to ea the slices of flesh of the victims he murdered. He died in 1991 due to heart attack in the prison of  Rheinbach. He also went through the recovery treatment but failed to overcome his illness.

5. Andrei Chikatilo

Anderi Chikatilo was also a serial killer from Ukraine and was born in 1936. He his accused for committing the murder of 53 women and children from 1978 and 1990. He used to attract the young girls and children and make them drug addicted and raped then. If a girl or child try to escape then he would kill them. After that he would try to escape from their and live most of his lively hood in forests.  He has sentenced to death on February 14, 1994. The serial crime like raping and killing of girls at that time country was known as hedonistic capitalist nations.

4. Albert Fish

Albert Fish is also a serial killer who was born in 1870. He was also known as ‘Gray Man’. He is accused of killing 5 children and  molested over 100 children. He was a mentally ill person and many  psychiatrists tested his body after his death. He used to cut nose, eyes,mouth of the children and eat  them. He used to drink blood of the children. He was hang till death and was executed. X-ray of fish body shows the intensity of the needles he has inserted into his skin for sex pleasure. Before his death he confessed his crime and called himself as a serial killer.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer born in 1960 was a serial killer. He murdered 17 boys and men from 1978 and 1991. He was arrested at the age of 18 on September 25, 1988 for sexually fondling a 13 year old kid but after 5 years he was released because of his good behavior but later again was arrested in 1991 and has hang till death.

2. Richard Trenton Chase

Richard Trenton Chase born on 23 September 1950 was a serial killer who killed six people in California. He made all his attempts in a very duration and was hang till death in 1980.

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez 

Pedro Alonso Lopez also known as The Monster is a serial killer of Peru. He killed more than 350 women and children and more than 100 tribal women in Peru. He was arrested and was released but after release what happen to this monster is still a history.



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