Top 10 Common Crimes that People Commit Everyday

There are people who do weird stuff, unpredictable things, but they also engage themselves in things which are a crime in the eyes of law. They have different purposes of committing crimes, say for example, for money, for pleasure, for they are drunk or sometimes because they just do not know the law or do not consider the law a silly one. Whatever may be the reason, but there are people who commit some crimes almost daily and do not regret repeating them. Some of the frequently committed crimes are:

[10] Pavement being used by cyclists or for parking:

Many of us have seen that people park their vehicles partly on pavements. People explain that they do so to protect their vehicles. They do not understand that the space of a pavement is for the ones who walk. Parking vehicles on it restricts their way and does not allow them to cross properly. Also, not only parking, there are people who drive cycle on the pavement. Some of the people argue that roads are not safe for the cyclists. Does that mean you will start using pavements and make them unsafe for pedestrians? The people do not obey the law and simply take their two-wheelers on the pavement. This is an everyday practice and must be stopped. But people don’t consider this as law.

[9] Smoking in public:

We have all witnessed people smoking in public places such as outside theaters on station platforms, in public buses, in trains, in public parks, in markets, etc. Smokers do not care about others; people infect the others around them, make the area around them untidy, spread pollution and violate the law. Even if they are aware about the health problems caused by smoking such as cardiac diseases, respiratory issues, lungs failure, etc; they will not stop their addiction. While doing so in non-smoking zones, they disobey the law and are considered guilty.

[8] Running a red light:

There are a lot of people who obeys the traffic rules completely. But there are those who have least respect for them. Such people care only about themselves, no matter what their action may lead to. I have seen many people crossing the red light signal. Whether there is someone in front of you or no one, you must never run a red light. The penalty charges for running over a red light can be a fine of thousands, cancellation of driving license or vehicle’s number plate can be ceased. So, a driver who runs even when it is red light is charged and guilty. One must never run a red light, if not for the sake of others, then at least for avoiding one’s own loss.

[7] Domestic Abuse:

Even when advanced so much, the country is still not out of the really bad crime which is domestic violence. Even today there are parts in the country, not only in villages but in cities as well. Many cases are registered in the local offices on a daily basis regarding the husband beating the wife violently, or the mother-in-law of a girl making her suffer physically and also killings initiated with domestic violence are reported almost every day. Also, it is being considered that among all those suffering from domestic violence, only 40% of the cases reach till police, rest of them just keep suffering from this crime and there is nothing done regarding the matter.

[6] Drinking and eating while driving:

Many people around us usually start having a snack behind the steering wheel. They do not even know that eating while driving is a crime. They sit in their cars having cold-drinks right in front of them and then keep drinking them while driving, with loud music playing, also some snacks with them. Nor do they eat or drink properly neither they drive with full attention. On a daily basis, 29% of the people driving break the rule and don’t even realize their mistake, leave the thought of feeling guilty.

[5] Illegal use of drugs:

Drugs are highly dangerous stuff. They move many hormones and their levels are triggered by the use of drugs. They take the control the person’s mind and the one who is on drug is unable to differentiate between what is real and what is his imagination. It is illegal to use drugs but still the people deal in them illegally and use them. It is found that under-age drug use is also increasing day by day. In a survey, it was reported that 19% of people do this crime daily.

[4] Not wearing a seatbelt:

After conducting a survey, it was found that an average person breaks this rule/law minimum one time every day. 58% of the public feels that this isn’t a very important law and not wearing a seatbelt is not a big issue and is a regular occurrence for them. Some of the people don’t wear a seatbelt because of carelessness, others intent to do this, and some of them don’t follow this because they don’t realize and forget to put the seatbelt (generally for shorter distances). But at the end of the day, there are a lot of people seen who violates this law.

[3] Using Phone while driving:

People of all ages commit this crime. Mobile phones and the calls are so important to people these days that they don’t even care to stop and pick the call; instead they will keep on driving and do the talking at the same time. 40% of the people who drive four-wheelers admit that their mobile phones cause a distraction while driving and they attend that call while driving itself, even when they are aware that this is a crime. It is also found that not only 4-wheelers, but also people driving two-wheelers dare to attend the call while balancing their vehicles with one hand and receiving the call by another. These days, people even text and exchange messages while driving which prove to be a big distraction.

[2] Downloading music illegally:

Downloading copyrighted music is a common thing, very common one. More than 35% of the people admit the fact that they regularly commit this crime of downloading music which is copyrighted. The act is nothing serious as per many people and they say that there are no serious consequences of doing this. Even when there are privacy laws, the people haven’t accepted this as crime and instead say that there is nothing wrong.

[1] Speeding:

Over a survey conducted over 5,000 people, around 505 of them admitted that they never care about the speed and just keep on driving over the limit. Out of those who commit the crime, 5% of them say they do this unknowingly. They do not keep a record of the area they are driving in, don’t realize the speed limit is reduced and just cross the limit by mistake unintentionally. Most of the accidents on road these days are just because of driving on a high speed. Specially, youngsters are accused of committing this crime. But almost all the age-groups do this while they hurry for a meeting, for a date or for simply getting home early.

Is there any other crime that you think People do in daily lives too? Let us know below in comments.

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