Top 10 Bizarre Reasons Which Has Made People Jailbird

Across the world there are innumerable types of classified crimes or acts which irk the law and order; hence bringing people into prisons. From theft to badmouthing someone; from spreading terrorism to peeing in public places – the list seems never-ending. But do you know there are some of the weirdest of reasons which have, in fact, fetched bad luck to some people who ended up in the lock-up. When some of the reasons will pain your stomach, some others truly deserve such treatment.

Here are the top 10 bizarre reasons which put people in police custody over the years.

10 . For stealing rainwater: Can you imagine that stealing rainwater can be a cognizable offence which could actually put you behind the bars? In Oregon, a man named Gary Harrington served 30 days in prison for collecting snow runoff as well as rainwater as a mean of fire protection. But state administration claimed right on that water and snow.

Top 10 weirdest reason for jail

9. For not leaving Facebook: Paula Asher got a DUI for drinking and driving. That was common enough to not send a shockwave to your brain. But then her Facebook status caused enough fury to the judge who ordered her to remove her Facebook account. As she ignored, she landed straight in jail for 2 days.

8. For being a police and possessing a gun: A SAS man, Danny Nightingale was awarded with a Glock 9MM pistol from Iraq govt. which he was supposed to surrender back in Britain. But his injured memory caused him to forget about it, he had to serve 18 months in jail. Oops! What an irony!

7. For sending friend request to defendant: A Floridian juryman Jacob Jock sent a friend request to a defendant in Facebook. Defendant took the matter to the judge pushing Jacob stay in jail for 3 days.

6. For being suspected as illegal immigrant: Briseria Torres is a legal US Citizen. But she was not so at that moment when govt. officials asked her to show papers due to some reasons. When she brought the papers, those were being termed as forged. After much struggle, she proved herself as a true US citizen.

5. For not allowing son to visit rapist father: Sukhwant Herb thought it wise not to let her son visit her rapist husband in Brooklyn. But the judge showed an alien-like judgment and sent her for serving 50 days as jailbird.

4. For not predicting an earthquake: In Italy, 6 scientists were being locked up for not predicting an earthquake. That proves that police and judges are no scientists.

3. For not returning library book: In 2010, Lori Teel took a Twilight piece from her local library and failed to return it in next two years. Result, she was put in jail for a night.

2. For sending kids to a nice but wrong school: Kelley Williams Bolar used to live in a different district and husband in another one. But her hubby’s district got better schools. So she sent her kids to that school. But that was not taken lightly by the local authority and she remained jailbird for 10 days.

1. For tweeting racist comments: This one seems absolutely deserving. Liam Stacey, a young chap of 21 flooded Twitter with racist comments about Fabrice Muamba. Result – Twitter stashed him and he served a 56 days long term in custody.

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