Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies in the World

It is well said that there is no short cut to success but there are some people who don’t want to go through all the effort making things and rather get involved in robberies thinking that they will become rich overnight. For this they even risk their life. Each year there are so many bank robberies that occur in various parts of the world. But over the years there have been some bank robberies which were unique in its kind and have managed to grab a place in history. We have listed here ten such bank robberies which were biggest in the whole world.

10. Security Pacific National Bank, US

Pacific National Bank

Security Pacific National Bank was a bank situated in the United States and it had its headquarter at Los Angeles, California. This bank was later taken over by the Bank of America. This bank’s branch at Norco, California was robbed by a gang of five people on 9th May 1980. All these five people were heavily armed with handguns, explosives devices and semi-automatic guns. These robbers got success in robbing the bank and counter attacked many police patrol cars. They even managed to blow one of the police helicopter. In the shootout two robbers were killed while the rest three were arrested and later on sentenced the life term by the court.

9. Banco Central, Brazil

Banco Central

The next biggest bank robbery in our list is the robbery that occurred on 6th August 2005 at the Banco Central burglary at Fortaleza. In this robbery a whopping 71.6 million US dollars were looted by a gang of burglars. They made a tunnel into the bank so that the robbery could be carried out. This gang of burglars managed to grab as many as five containers which were having 50 real notes. The weight of these containers was about 3.5 tons. These burgles managed to disable the bank’s alarm and other sensors and gave this unbelievable work at the Banco Central. The bank people came to know about this only when the bank opened on Monday for usual business purpose.

8. The Knightsbridge Security Deposit, Knightsbridge

The Knightsbridge Security Deposit

Knightsbridge Security Deposit robbery which was held on 12th July 1987 in Knightsbridge, England is at the number eighth spot in our list of the top ten biggest bank robberies in the world. This bank robbery was masterminded by Valerio Viccei who was a professional robber. Valerio Viccei was a native of Italy and there in Italy he was convicted of 50 armed robberies. He later on fled to London. In London he managed to make a team to rob a bank in order to fund his playboy lifestyle. He was a son of a lawyer. In this robbery they robbers managed to get a whopping 98 million US dollars from the safety box deposit at the bank in Knightsbridge.

7. Robbery in Dar es Salaam, Baghdad

Dar es Salaam

The robbery held at the Dar es Salaam in the year 2007. In this bank robbery a small private sector bank was looted by the gang of robbers. This bank robbery is also termed as one of the most unfortunate bank robbery that has been ever done on a small private sector bank. The bank is situated in Baghdad. This bank robbery was performed after the Saddam Hussein’s case was going on in Iraq. In this robbery the robbers managed to grab a whopping 300 million US dollars.

6. Harry Winston Heist, Paris

Harry Winston Heist

The Harry Winston Heist bank robbery which was performed in the year 2008 is at the number sixth spot in our list. This robbery was performed by a group of four people who managed to enter the most exclusive jewellery store of the Paris city and stole diamond worth rupees 108 million US dollars. This team of robbers also contained a woman and they were occupied with guns and hand grenade. The team which performed this robbery gave a name of “The Pink Panthers” to themselves and the police have not been able to grab even a single member of this team till now. A reward of 1 million US dollars has been announced for giving information about this gang.

5. Millennium Dome, London

Millennium Dome

The next robbery which managed to get a place in the history of the top most robberies ever done in nay part of the world is the robbery at the Millennium Dome in November 2000. This robbery took place in the South London when a group of robbers robbed the diamonds worth £200 m which were on display in a tourist attraction. The robbers were so brave that they made their way by smashing a JCB digger into the Millennium Dome. Further they had made a plan to fly using the speedboat in river Thames. But the brave London police somehow managed to stop this robbery and the robbery were caught.

4. Sumitomo Bank, London

Sumitomo Bank

The next bank robbery in our list is the robbery held at Sumitomo Bank in London in the month of September 2007. This bank robbery is termed as the biggest bank robbery that happened in the United Kingdom so far. In this robbery a whopping 300 million US dollars were robbed. The two people belonging to Belgium and the bank’s security chief was arrested as being the mastermind behind this bank robbery. The robbers somehow failed to transfer the money from one account to another. They simply installed a key logger into the bank’s computer using a USB and later did the robbery.

3. Northern Bank, Ireland

Northern Bank

The bank robbery held at 20th December 2004 in the Northern Bank at Belfast, Northern Ireland is the bank robbery at the number third spot in our list. The team of robbers robbed a whopping £26.5 million pound along with some other currencies which were US dollars and Euros. The police later said that the robbery was performed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) but still this case has not been solved and people who did this robbery are still free.

2. Central Bank of Iraq, Iraq

Central Bank of Iraq

The second biggest bank robbery in the whole world is the bank robbery which was done at the Central Bank of Iraq in March 2003. In this bank robbery a whopping 1 billion US dollars were robbed. It is said that Saddam Hussein used nearly 1 billion US dollars which were there in various accounts of the Central Bank of Iraq into his own personal things without the knowledge of anyone. Out of these 1 billion the US army recovered around 650 million US dollars which were hidden into the palace of Saddam Hussein. This is among the most shocking bank robbery which is held in any part of the world. For people of Iraq it was their own dictator who stole their money.

1. Baker Street Robbery, London


The top most bank robbery ever done in any part of the world is the Baker Street robbery held on 11th September 1971 on the Baker Street, London. This robbery was done in the Lloyds Bank. The robbers who did this robbery were so smart that they first rented leather good shop which was very near to the bank. They later on made a tunnel so that they could reach the bank. They made a tunnel which was approximately 50 feet long. In this robbery the robbers were successful in robbing the safety boxes of the Lloyds Bank which contained the jewellery and money worth millions. This is surely one of the most shocking and biggest bank robberies that ever took place in any parts of the world.


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