10 Reasons why War is Evil, Mankind biggest Enemy

War a very common friend or an evil existing in the world. What should I call it I myself am not able to understand? It is something which has been existing in the world since centuries and still we are not able to realize what it is and how to end it or I would say how to remove this word from all the dictionaries of the world. Since centuries humans have been killing each other but still we do not learn. What happens to the heart of a mother when she hears that her son has died? Proud is there but apart from that there is loneliness for lifetime in her heart. How would we make our hearts understand that we do not need to be divided but united so that we all could live together, we do not need UN to keep all countries united but we all need to change our hearts to accept each and every human being on the surface of earth as our brother and sister help each other during hard times and share our happy moments with whole planet.
We should always remember one thing that “it is always the bad intention of a single person which results to war between nations”, and what happens when war takes place :


After any country colonizes other or just attacks it for any reason it leads to the very slow or no development of that country because it has to recover from the losses it has suffered from the war so it is not able to look after the needs of the common man in any way.


In a country of large population there are chances that it will lead to the disturbed life of the common man after the war, so most of the times small politicians try to take advantage of the situation and create a kind of civil war in the country which has already suffered from war. Nobody knows it that at the moment India got independence from British, Gandhi was shot by Nathu Ram which was a planned act of some politicians who portrayed Nathu Ram as a Muslim and this lead to anger in the hearts of the other community and thus lead to mass riots in the country, the country who had just attained independence was hit by something which was even more dangerous than slavery. So war can bring such kind of incidents in the country.
There is an unknown hatred against each and every human being living in the country who attacks due to which complete peace is very difficult to ever exist between two countries.


It is seen in many ways from history to the present day that whenever fire of war is ignited it is usually for greed. If we talk about our country India, it was the golden bird of the world and the British attacked it only for the sake of its resources and benefit of themselves only. Even today the greatest economy of the world attacked the small and incomparable country like the one Iraq just for the sake of its oil resources. It was a total act to show extreme limits of being coward that they were powerful so they attacked a lame. As a responsible citizen of the world we should not develop the feeling of hatred in our hearts by just listening to the rumors from one official of the country instead deal with love and compassion in every situation.


As we might have heard the common statements that if we stop them by hook or by crook i.e. by war it would lead to peace between different nations, but believe me it is never like this it is always about the fall of one and the revenge of the other. Remember that for peace we have movements like Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi or if not that then a mass revolution like the French revolution. These are the only things that can cause peace in a nation, war is never an option.


Another most common reason of this century to start war is that war will end terrorism, it is nothing but a way to satisfy the needs of the attacker and give a successful explanation to others to get the permission for the attack. Let us understand an easy concept about human nature, if a close relative of a person is killed by someone, he will try to take revenge by one or the other way so what happens if we raise a complete war against a huge population; thousand more will die and hundred more will rise to take revenge against them, so it gave a way for a normal human being who could have been a good citizen of his country will now do something which is not good for anyone else just for revenge. Thus here also the good reason today to deal with a person is to try to know why he is turning bad instead of shooting him down at any instant.


We use the resources of the environment every single second to every single microsecond or in short as we all know that we cannot survive without resources of the nature. The unfortunate thing is that we see this thing but we don’t realize the gravity of this thing. Weapons are used in the war but where are they derived from? Yes, the answer is nature, nature that created us and allowed us to use its resources for good purposes, now we use it to kill and harm others unnecessarily. Those resources which could have been used for the uplifting the needy is being wasted in the name of war and all evils of the society.


From the previous experiences we come to learn that if any country raises war against another apart of exploiting its resources it also leads to the exploitation of the innocent human beings of that country. As British came to India they not only got control of the resources of our country but also lead to the exploitation of innocent human beings in the form of forcible work, exploitation of complete human rights, exploiting innocent women etc. there are hundred other ways in which human beings are not allowed to live a normal life.


When we use millions of destructive weapons in the open atmosphere it is definitely going to cause harm to it and likely to us as we are the ultimate users of environment. Harmful gases get mixed with the normal air and create something which doesn’t seem to be meant to be for us. The example is the incidents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the history. Let us leave the history, do you know as we have forest reserve for the safety of endangered species of animals, there are some reserves in many countries meant for the protection of human souls, it Is the nuclear power plant reserve, the very important reserve being in Japan only meant for future war requirements, I mean the nuclear reactor which got damaged in the earthquake and thousands were lucky to be saved from the second nuclear crisis. Thus if we think of getting indulged in war in future, we would be compelled to make weapons for self defense, so it is better we start thinking the neighboring countries as our friends of the present day not as the enemies of the future.


I sometimes smile in my heart about the things which happen in front of our eyes and we do them repeatedly as if nothing is visible to us. Let me explain my point
Government charges us taxes and we as responsible citizens of the country pay our hard earned money, meant for development going on in the country, some is reserved, some amount is given to UN world bank for helping the countries in need, the maximum percentage goes to the weapon manufacturing for self defense then we get indulged in war, waste that money in killing each other, then again UN gives us back our money so that we could recover back and then we again start repeating the same thing. Why are we lost? Why cannot we see that developing weapons is not the solution?


All of us have loved ones of the in our families who decide to leave us and fight in the war and die a beautiful death in war but ultimately it’s a loss to the family. Secondly some imminent personalities who are the soul of country or who always lead us and inspire us form their acts die in the war due to which sometimes we do not get a truthful replacement. These are the things which are associated with the war and always happen in the same manner. The ultimate goal of war leads to death of innocent human beings and the unjust and ungrateful rulers stay alive.

Finally I would say that we should do something to bring the whole world together so that this feeling of hatred or jealous is removed from the hearts of each and every human being on earth and think as we are not living in a country but our country is earth where we live, serve and die.

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