Top 10 Brands Of Watches With Which You Love Spending Time

For everyone, watches account for an integral part of every segment of life. They have caught a prime place on everyone’s wardrobe whether it is a man or woman; they have common sense for rating higher in preference. Let’s do have a look at the world’s top 10 most adorable brands of watches here.

1. Tag Heuer since 1860:

Tracing the roots back to 1860, this brand has celebrated its 150 years of mastering speed at the time. It is almost synonymous with formula 1 along with its collections which have been accumulated in the honor of car racing sport in the highest demand. Interestingly, this brand has created a special edition line in the honor of ShahRukh Khan.

Piaget Watches and Jewellery

2. Piaget since 1874:

Piaget maps out its roots back to 1874, when its founder “George Piaget” started creating the watches in a little village in Switzerland. Over the years, this brand has angled at some classic timepieces those have been made a decent mixture of style & technology. The brand has now been recognized for its tie-ups with the royal sport of the Polo since last 30 years.

3. Omega since 1848:

Omega is definitely one of the most overlaid luxurious brands which have undeniably created its unique difference of having produced the first timepiece to make it to the moon. In India, Abhishek Bachhan is the brand ambassador who dug out a vintage collection of Omega watch with black leather band from his personal collection.

4. Breguet since 1775:

Breguet is the part of the Swatch Group, which is certainly one of the best nominated brands in the history of horology. By tracing its heritage back to the year 1775, Breguet watch was first created by the Paris based Abraham Louis Breguet. It is one of the oldest surviving watch manufacturers besides its immense history.

5. Longines since 1832:

By tracing its roots back to 1832, Longines has made its popularity over the world and stood as truly for its relish inceptions since 1832. With this oldest brand name & logo which is still in use, Swiss watchmaker Longines have established a benchmark for his royal collections by carrying his consent technical research.

6. A Lange & Sohne since 1845:

It has had a fascinating journey by its all inceptions till date. It is a German based watch making company that has created its remarks in the industry dominated by the Swiss players. It was founded in 1845 by Ferdinand Adolph Lange, who was known by its pocket watches.

7. Raymond Weil since 1976:

It is the youngest and luxury watch brand that burst into the watch industry in 1976. Its Swiss founder Raymond Weil has stamped quite a position for itself over the years. It’s a Geneva based brand that belongs to the limited cycle of Swiss watchmakers those are still having a common space in the worldwide success of this brand.

8. Jaegar-LeCoultre since 1883:

This brand is a must-have conjunction with its every collection. By tracing the roots for a specific time, this brand has come a long way since its first creation in 1883. Actor Abhay Deol may have seen sporting this brand at the various stars gatherings.

9. Vacheron Constantin since 1755:

It has considered as one of the premium brands to own. It is a Swiss manufacturer company that had lain under the shades of the experiences of Vacheron Constantin who has been delivering his excellence since 1755.

10. Rolex since 1900:

You can think for Rolex as the word of excellence that comes to mind with lots of variables. And not without any reason, this Swiss watchmaker company has brought a luxurious collection for the wrists its followers.


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