Top 10 Ways To Make Your Boss Happy

Maintaining a good rapport in office, giving your best, and getting promoted is a delight for every employee. To reach the zenith we always try to complete impossible tasks, attain the deadlines and work harder. Also there are other many ways for getting to the top without working diligently. And here through this article we have discussed about the top 10 best ways to make your boss happy.

10. Office rules and politics should be followed

In every office they have their own rules and regulations which are abided within the employees. Generally they are made in the favor of the ruling classes in the office. So if they are not followed by you. Then you can have a negative effect of that.

9. Timeliness.

Timeliness and punctuality in every aspect is delight for anyone’s boss. If you turn up in time in your workplace, it is being admired. Also you should maintain the deadline and submit your assignments on time which will make your boss happy.

8. Personal life should be kept at home.

It is important to keep your personal life away from our work. It should not affect it by any means. It implies that long phone call with girlfriend or wife should be avoided by you in the office.

7. Happily accept your assignments.

You should readily accept all the assignments given to you by your boss. Any kind of negative remarks or negative facial expression will take you on the bad book of your boss.

6. Smell good and look tidy.

Many people judge a book by its cover. That means if you are not dressed clean and tidy, as well as you look unorganized, it is clear that it will have an adverse effect upon you from your boss. You should always look sharp.

5. Tidiness in your work area.

With looking attributes also personally you should be organized with your work area. You should keep your working desk clean, tidy and make it look good. It will always delight your boss.

4. You should always be clear about what you are saying.

You should always be updated with all the developments in your industry; you should be in your touch with your work in your both macro and micro level. When you are asked by you superior, you should always provide them with the exact report, showing you accuracy and precision over work your work.

Make Your Boss Happy

Ways To Make Your Boss Happy

3. Your hands should be expressive.

Your hands should be expressive. You don’t have to follow the Italian style but you should be natural about it. Your boss may not like if you are stiff.

2. Always have a joke ready.

You don’t have to be the office clown. But you should have a good sense of humor which will make the atmosphere humorous, which will make you goodly accepted by one and all including your boss.

1. Don’t be a showoff.

You should never brag yourself and obviously you should not be a showoff. You just should not rub your accomplishments. If it is needed then it should be done discretely.

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