Top 10 Reasons Why CEO’s Leave A Company

Being a CEO is like the ultimate goal of every corporate employee. However, why is this that there are some cases when CEOs choose to leave a company instead of reaping the benefits of being one. Here are the top 10 reasons why.

10. They can’t take the pressure.

Being the chief executive officer of any company is full of pressure. You will need to be on top of things all the time. You will be handling people who are all professionals and are all well-educated. If this does not cause pressure, I don’t know what does.

9. They lose time for their families.

CEOs are bound to be on call. If something goes wrong during operations in the middle of the night, they need to be prepared. This means that they jeopardize their time with their families and family is important. In fact, a lot of successful CEOs are unsuccessful fathers or husbands.

8. They don’t get compensated well.

Believe it or not, many CEOs still don’t get the salary that they deserve. Sometimes, they get paid just a little over what the other upper operation officers are paid. Thus, they choose to be demoted because it is not worth all the effort anymore.

7. They want to run their own businesses.

CEOs learn a lot about business while they are in their position. The thing with CEOs is that they get tempted to start their own business as well. This may be a good move for them because a business is something they could own. Shareholders won’t be able to tell them what to do anymore.

6. There is always public outrage.

CEOs are always to blame when it comes to trouble with consumers and the company. Public outrage, no matter how many people are on your side, is a very difficult position for anymore.

5. They resign for the sake of the company.

Some CEOs feel they cannot live up to the job description of the CEO and admit that someone can do it better. So for the sake of the company, they choose to resign instead. This is good manners if you ask me.

4. They are bound for termination anyway.

The embarrassment of getting terminated is too much for a CEO. If he knows that he is bound to get fired, he would rather resign before all the noise about his termination happens. Smart move because he gets a better chance at getting a new job.

CEO’s Leave A Company

Reasons Why CEO’s Leave A Company

3. They are not getting the credit they deserve.

Credit is as important as salary. People have the constant need to be recognized. This is true for CEOs most especially if they really put in hard work in their daily tasks. If a company is not willing to recognize that, then they can transfer to another company.

2. The company itself is bound to close.

CEOs, of all people, know when a company is bound to close because of simple statistics and numbers. No one wants to be the head of the company while it is closing. Thus, they would choose to scoot before it happens.

1. They don’t see any room for personal growth anymore.

Personal growth is something that everyone aims to have. If the job isn’t challenging anymore and it becomes a routine or if there is nothing new to learn, then it’s definitely time to leave.


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