Top 10 Promising Ways To Impress Your Boss On The First Day Of Job

Apart from working hard, having the right technical skills, and always achieving all your work targets, there are other ways to impress your boss. It is essential to do your best to impress your boss and teammates right from the first day. First impression is important. Your boss and colleagues will judge you based on your actions and reactions from the very first day. Some of the promising ways to impress your boss are listed below.

10. Arrive on Time

Arriving late the first day or for an entire week will create a doubt and cause your boss to question your dependability. So make sure to reach the office on time. Being early allows you to collect your thoughts and think about ways to present yourself.

9. Dress Appropriate

Select the dress that you plan to wear in advance. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Think about dress code followed by people at the time of your interview and select something that fits you comfortably. Plan a neat and professional outfit to wear.

8. Ask Questions

The best questions confirm that you’ve done your homework on the organization and that you are ready to learn more. When you initially join a new team, people expect you to have questions. Later, the team will expect you to know more and be ready to contribute.

7. Introduce Yourself Rightly

Direct eye contact and firm handshakes show assertiveness and confidence. Always remember that the way you introduce yourself should be effective. If necessary, reorganize it to appeal to your new colleagues and to make the right first impression.

6. Company Research

After acquiring the job, you may have already conducted some research about the company and their values. The next step is to review the company’s website once more to learn about its mission, lines of business, and culture from an employee’s point of view.

5. Share Your Ideas and Knowledge

Find ways to share your skills and knowledge. Though you will spend a lot of time listening initially, make sure to speak up when you have an idea to share. Express your ideas and suggestions so that it doesn’t appear to them that you think you already know all the answers.

4. Communicate Professionally

Make a point to express your words and project your voice. You can represent your personality by being yourself, and be clear about what you mean.



Promising Ways To Impress Your Boss On The First Day Of Job

3. Practice Your Listening Skills

Even if you are tired or weighted down with new information, make sure to pay attention when you meet new people and learn new things.

2. Be Passionate About Your Work

If you are passionate about your work, your boss will surely be impressed by you. When you are living in a position with your values and incorporate your passions into what you do, you are excited, engaged, and unstoppable.

1. Take Notes

When you note down things, the person speaking to you will recognize how much you value the interaction and will be more willing to follow-up questions.  If you can make everyone feel important by writing down some notes when you talk, you will be on the way to a successful career.

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