Top 10 Corporate Team Building Ideas

The office is one serious place. In fact, if you think about it, have you ever saw your office mates playing around or not in their formal wear? The busy life in corporations can be very stressful, this is why experts advise that all offices must go through team buildings every once in a while in order to relieve stress and to promote better camaraderie between office mates. Here are top 10 corporate team building ideas.

10. Hold a charity event.

There are countless charities out there that need your help. One great way to bond with your office mates is to hold a charity event. Start with choosing a charity, collecting donations and then setting up a date for the event.

9. Go to the beach!

There is no one in this world who does not enjoy the beach. It is a great place to relieve stress; you guys get to play games on the shore and you get to get out of the office as well.

8. Have a family day at work.

Set up one Sunday to be your family day at work. This is a great way to meet the family of your colleagues and to get to spend time with your own families as well. Don’t forget to prepare lots of games and prizes.

7. Sports fest.

We need to get physical every once in a while. Hold a mini Olympics event for your company. Start with simple games like the popular sack race or you can even go as far as a basketball league. Let other offices join in the fun as well.

6. Costume party.

One fun way to spend time with your co-workers is to have a costume party. Announce the theme as early as possible so everyone has ample time to prepare. Award the best costumes as well.

5. Cook out.

Everyone who is stressed loves food. This is one way to show off your talent in cooking and to taste other delicacies as well. A great theme would be like a Master Chef contest with your big bosses as the judges. Create fun aprons and don’t forget to take pictures.

4. Bazaar or Garage Sale.

Relax while making money! Every first Sunday of the month, gather all your old stuff or some goodies that you want to sell. Make it open to the public. Let everyone in the office join in. You might even find something fun to buy as well. You may also use the funds collected at your next charity event.

Team Building Ideas

3. Retreat.

Going on a retreat means you and your office mates will be able to reflect on your lives far away from your usual location. Of course, you won’t be able to do this all at once so this must be done team per team. 2-3 days away from work is enough.

2. Leadership Seminars.

This is one thing that your office upper operations team should have. Many companies offer leadership seminar packages for managers, coaches or team leaders. This will help your company have great leaders as well.

1. Run for a cause.

Marathons are very popular nowadays. Look for a beneficiary and set up a run for a cause headed by your corporation. Allow the whole community to join in as well so you can promote health and fitness.

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