Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs For Young Generation

People often search for jobs just to earn some money for temporary emergencies or to beat their boredom of daily life. There are several ways and one can easily get a part time job of his own choice. Now, here are some suggestions that can be considered as preferable part time jobs of this kind.

10. Park employee

Part time park employment can give you a new experience and your working environment will be pleasant. You will get to know a lot about the local ecological system and the payment is satisfactory.

9. Landscaper

It is a great opportunity to stay connected with your neighbors if you work as a landscaper.  Moaning, raking and shoveling are different activities that you will have to perform.

8. Craft seller

If you are keen about making some creative art works, you can make jewelries, show pieces, bags, greeting cards, paintings, knitwear, cosmetic products etc. and sell them at a high price. The demand of these kinds of goods is high and you can bargain for your products at high price if these hand-made products are really good. Art lovers won’t hesitate to pay.

7. Theatre employee

No matter you are one of the budding film makers or a fan, working in a movie theatre is undoubtedly a great opportunity to experience a lot of free flicks. You will not only earn but also enjoy movies for free with popcorn.

6. Office Intern

If you love to work in professional fields like business or corporate fields, you can apply for intern posts of local offices.  If you have the proper experience, it will also help you in future to enhance the quality of your resume for long term career.

5. Camp Counselor

Staying outside from home and enjoying the life by adventurous travelling is enjoyable to our new generation. So, one can be a camp counselor for new experiences and to stay more socialize by meeting new people.

Office Intern

4. Restaurant employee

There are various opportunities or positions in a restaurant such as busser, server, cook or host.  You can go for any one among them that suits you best and as a server you will not only earn your salary but also get a handsome bonus from the tips, at the end of the month.

3. Private tutor

If you are excellent in your school subjects and are ambitious about being a teacher, then why not to start as a tutor or counselor of your juniors? You can also get jobs in libraries or can start your tutoring business.

2. Babysitting

Teens who enjoy the company of kids can choose to be a babysitter. They must have the qualities of reliability and trustworthiness.  They also must have knowledge in handling emergencies that may arise at the time of handling babies.

1. Retail Clerk

It is also preferred by those who want to earn good amount at the weekend. Different kinds of shops of different kinds of goods are there like clothes, books, electronics, fashion accessories etc in which candidates can apply.

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