Top 10 Benefits Of Blog Commenting

Blog Comments
There is a small text box provided below along with submit buttons below, almost, every blog post. This text box is meant for commenting about the blog by the readers. Blog comments are an enormously crucial entity in successful blogging. It is because of this factor, all bloggers should concentrate on creating meaningful and informative blogs to cater to the ...

Top 10 Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is a technique being used by website owners wherein they write blog posts for other websites and in turn are given the chance to insert back links directed to their website. Sounds like a lot of effort? Well, the effort is all worth it because of these top 10 benefits of guest blogging. 10. Gain more traffic to your website. If you submit a guest ...

Top 10 People With Highest Twitter Followers July 2012

Twitter is now the second most popular social Networking website after Facebook. The founder of Twitter was Jack Dorsey who launched Twitter in 2006 and till now this social networking website have over 500 million users. Twitter introduced a 140 character length based post which could be shared with anyone know as tweet. There are about 340 million tweets in ...
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