Top 10 Non Democratic Countries in World

The biggest problem of the living beings is that we always need a path, we will need someone to till us the difference between the right and the wrong, we need someone who would resolve all our disputes, someone whose responsibility it becomes to maintain peace between us; in a nutshell we always need a leader, a mentor or a guide. If you want to form a group, ...

Top 10 Most Reputed Film Awards of the World

No matter whether the deal is with small theater or big theater, people extract full package of entertainment from both the sides. Home television screens entertain them while sitting at home but movies provide them opportunities to enjoy big screens at theaters with family or friends. Film industry is the biggest source of entertaining people on a large scale ...

Top 10 Best Sports based Movies,Sports Fans are going to Love

We all know, two things are integral part of our lives, one being movies and second being sports. Some people are interested in movies, some in sports and a lot of people are interested in both sports and movies( like me), and that’s when a sport’s movie comes in the picture. A sport’s movie is a great treat for people who are interested in both sports ...
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