Top 10 Worst Mental Disorders

Mental Disorder is something which is quite common now a days. I think every one of us must have seen or heard of some one mentally ill. Actually this mental disorder or mental illness is nothing but psychological pattern which is mostly seen in the behaviour of the person affected. We   can say that these are just the abnormal development of the persons mental and culture state.

Mental disorder can be related to a particular area of brain or may be related to other regions of the nervous system.

Mental disorders effect a large section of people and in some cases it is quite rare and unique. If WHO is to be believed than a third of people  in most countries are at some point of time effected by some kind of mental disorders but due to lack of knowledge they are unable to distinguish the type of mental disorder as there are a lot of different types of mental disorders.

So, here I am with the list of some of the worst mental disorders and hope it would be useful to you all.

10. Antisocial  Personality Disorder :

This is quite clear from its name only, i.e this is the disorder in which the person is not social, that is he/she avoids social interaction.

Different symptoms or behaviour of the person in Antisocial Personality Disorder includes: lying, violent, stealing, trying to be alone etc..  These type of persons are generally shy, depressed, have some social anxiety.

And of the reason for these kind of people of being anti social is the fear of being rejected.

09. Stockholm Syndrome: 

Stockholm Syndrome is a very typical Mental disorder  in the a hostage shows some kind of sympathy or positive feeling towards their captors. Actually these types of feeling are quite irrational keeping in view the risk or danger on the victim.

According to FBI, their  Hostage Barricade Database  System shows that around 27% of the victims have this type of disorders.

At times this disorder is also used in other cases like child abuse, rape, wife beating.

08. Lima Syndrome :

Lima Syndrome is just opposite of Stockholm in which the captors shows some kind of sympathy towards their hostage.

This disorder is named after an incident that took place in 1996 in Lima, Peru, in this militant took hostage many people attending a party at the residence of Japanese  ambassador and only after few hours those hostages were left free just on the ground of Sympathy.

07. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder :

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is one of the anxiety disorder which is characterized by involving thoughts that produces fear, worry, uneasiness, repetitive behaviour etc .

Some of the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder include : repeated checking, excessive washing or cleaning, religious thoughts, some nervous rituals like opening and closing of doors a certain number of times before entering the room, aversion to a particular number.

Their is a myth that people with OCD are always obsessed with danger of  germs and generally are very much concerned about neatness.

06.  Dyslexia :

Dyslexia is a type of  learning disability. In dyslexia the person cant read any thing properly and this is not because he/she has some vision problem or didn’t had proper reading instruction. This happens due to the reason that the people effected by dyslexia sees letters in wrong order.

05. Schizophrenia :

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder which is caused by breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional responsive.

In this the effected person hears many voices in their head and these voices are not from inside their body but from outside sources.

Many researches have  taken place but still it is a complex disorder with a wide range of symptoms.

04. Selective Mutism :

Selective mutism is type of psychiatric disorder in which the person is despite being capable to speak is unable to speak in certain situation or with a certain type of people, even though speech is expected from them .  Generally Selective Mutism co-exits with shyness and social anxiety.

This is quite common in children when they start their schooling where they don’t speak any thing in stating but speak quite freely at homes.

03.  Multiple Personality Disorder : 

Multiple Personality Disorder is also known as dissociative  identity disorder. It is a type of mental disorder in which the effected person attain more than one personality and shows different behaviours in different situations.

It is said about persons with Multiple Personality Disorder that they changes their behaviours radically and don’t remember what had just happened when they switch personality.

It is one of the most worse and controversial psychometric disorder with no solid or clear treatment or diagnosis.

02. Self Harm/ Self Injury :

This is a type of metal disorder in which the person tries to kill himself/herself  or are looking for some types of attentions towards them and fore this they try to harm them self by creating injuries by own. Normally these types of injuries include cutting of hand, burning oneself etc.

01. Cotard Delusion :

This is a very rare psychiatric disorder  in which the person believes that they don’t exists and are dead or they have lost their blood or some internal organ. This is a very dangerous delusion in which a person can do some undesirable things.

This disorder is named after Jules Cotard who first described these conditions. He describes the different stages of this disorder in a lecture in Paris in 1880.

Generally  people with this type of disorder withdraw them self from society  and neglect their own well-being.


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