Top 10 Worlds Safest Cars, you are secured in them

Cars are the symbol of luxury today. All the car companies launch new cars, new models of old cars etc to survive in the market. Cost of car, mileage, maintainance required are basic things which a costumer see in any new product. But the first thing which comes to the mind of manufacturers is the extent of safety in their new product. Costumers also want a car with a lot of safety features. So the market concentrate on safety features on their new product. All the cars are full of some basic safety features like Airbags, GPS, NVS, etc. But there are few cars which are full of all type of safty features.

Here the list of top ten safest cars in the world is given.

  10.Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 is a SUV that contains all the features of Volvo S60 and Volvo S80. There are all of the safety feature in Volvo XC60 to be in top ten safest cars in the world. Driver Alert control system is also present in Volvo XC60 like Volvo S60 and Volvo S80. Front mounted camera is also present in this SUV. In India, Ex showroom price of Volvo XC60 is ranging from Rs 35.25 – 42.65 lakhs.

9.Volvo S60

Volvo is known for the safety features of its products. Volvo S60 leads in this field. IT is one of the safest cars of volvo. IT provides adaptive headlamps which helps to avoid accidents in night. Pedestrain detection system is also present which automatically lowers the speed of car just before any low speed collision in city area. High speed collision warning system is also present in Volvo S60. Like all other cars of volvo segment, it also provides Driver alert control that helps to detect if driver is tired or exhausted. Front mounted cameras are also present in Volvo S60. In India, Ex showroom price of volvo S60 ranging from Rs 25.0 – 35.0 Lakhs.

8.Volvo S80

It is the largest sedan in volvo series. The list of safest cars includes this car also because of its Safety features such as city safety, Pedestrian detection, collision avoidance facility at low speed, high speed collision warning, etc. A common feature of all volvo products is also present i.e. Driver Alert Control system. In India, Ex showroom price of Volvo S80 is ranging from Rs 33.24 – 44.5 Lakhs.

7.Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Mercedes benz is a synonym for luxury and comfort. M-class is a SUV which provides all the safety features lke E-class. This SUV also provides Night Vision System, Global Positioning system, etc.There are multiple airbags present in mercedes benz M-class.GPS system is controlled by satellites. Mercedes is famous for its luxury and space. Ex showroom price of Mercedes Benz M-Class in India is  Rs 56.9 Lakhs .

 6.Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes benz E-class is one of the best cars in mercedes section. It also provides adaptive headlamps which avoid accidents in night. Airbags with side and rear impact are also present in mercedes benz E-Class. Night vision system also helps the driver in hilly areas. Ex showroom price of Mercedes Benz E class in India is ranging from Rs 40.39 – 110.40 Lakhs.

 5.Infiniti M37/M56

Infinity is one of the best looking cars in the world. IT also provides all the safety features like NVS, GPS, Airbags, etc. This car has all the features of Infinity EX 35. Infinity M37/M56 is a good looking sedan while Infinity EX 35 is a Sports Utility Vehicle(SUV).

4.Infiniti EX 35

This is the only SUV in the list of safest cars in the world. This SUV provides uncountable high tech features along with a sporty feel. This is the only SUV which provides all features of a luxurious sedan i.e. adaptive headlamps, etc. Blind spot monitoring is also provided by this car. Collision warning facility which is not common in SUV is also present in Infinity EX 35. Lane departure warning is also present in this SUV.

3.BMW 5 Series

BMW is a brand on which any costumer can trust. It contains all the accessories which includes night vision systen (NVS), Global Positioning system (GPS), Adaptive headlamps which provide a better vision to driver. In crash testing, it perform so well. This car also provides collision warning. Airbags of better quality are provided. In India,Ex showroom price of BMW 5 Series is ranging from Rs 37.6 – 58.0 Lakhs.

2.Audi Q5

Audi Q5 is one of the best cars in Audi segment. It provides many of the safety and luxurious feature to the costumers. In additon of NVS, GPS, Airbags, etc it provides a new system for entertainment, bluetooth connectivity is also present in Audi Q5. Ex showroom price of Audi Q5 is ranging between Rs 38.94 – 45.56 Lakhs.

 1.Audi A6

Audi is one of the best brand in the world. Not only its safety, but its luxury also impresses the costumers. Its great features in the field of safety make audi one of the world’s safest car. Night vision system present in Audi A6 allows the driver to see the path clearly in night. A censor is fixed in Audi A6 which warns the driver just before any accident. GPS is present in the car to avoid hijacking of car. The functioning of GPS is controlled by satellites. Airbags are present in car to avoid accidental damage of driver. Airbags inflate in a fraction of second as soon the car get collide.This car also provide roll over protection. Ex showroom price of Audi A6 in India is ranging from  Rs 37.91 – 47.0 Lakhs.


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