Top 10 Weird Ways to Call Ghosts & Spirits

Some people believe that ghosts exist while some do not. A ghost is a kind of soul or spirit, that appears in semi-transparent form or can be invisible or can take any shape from wispy shapes to realistic visible shapes. Ghosts are generally seen at a haunted place, house or vast open areas. Many people try to contact a ghost. If you want to do some adventure, or really want to prove to yourself that ghosts or spirits really exist, than must try out these weird ways to contact a ghost.

10.Succubus or Incubi

Succubus is a woman who seduces men in their sleep. They can lead to damage or health loss. It is a traditional way and very old method. Dream a dream of succubus, who is enchantress and you may contact her daily in your dreams. And you can see her in any other things like cats, dogs if you have the vision to see it.

9. Table turning

Table Turning is one of the old methods to call a ghost. It is quite simple method to contact a spirit. In this technique get your few friends. All have to sit around a round table. And place all your hands with palms on the top surface of the table. After some time you will see that table is vibrating or you will hear some knocking voices. Always choose a place which is noise free and relaxed. And thus table turning technique will help you to contact a spirit.

8. Drive midnight

Another weird method to contact a ghost is that you have to drive in the midnight. Drive in the vast and open areas like empty roads, forests or anything like dark ground. You may see the ghost of a man or lady, asking you for lift or can ask you to drive me to some place or generally they disappear after some time. Or you can contact or see a ghost in any train region.

7. Black Mirror Scrying

Black Mirror Scrying a powerful traditional technique to call spirits, ghosts and dead bodies. It can also be used to bring up the hidden knowledge. It is a kind of art in which the user has to gaze in the dark or black colored mirror continuously, let outer physical eyes to relax and inner psychic eyes to active and thus the user can receive the desired person, knowledge or vision.  The traditional crystal ball can also be used, we have to gaze completely into it and we can get the desired person or knowledge. Black mirror scrying is traditional successful technique and you can contact the ghost of the desired person.

6. Visit a Haunted House

Haunted houses are believed to be inhabited by ghosts and spirits who may be the residents of the house before and don not let anybody live in the house. Do have courage to go inside any haunted house, and must keep hope in the mind and you can see a ghost. Try to help them out. If you got something knocking you, or touching your body, or any light stream or voices then try to concentrate on that part and you may contact a ghost.

5.  Channeling

Channeling is the way by which you can contact a spirit through meditation. Just believe that they exist. You have to sit in a dark place with a candle. Room should be noise free and clean. Put a layer of alcohol on the floor and meditate for about 20 minutes. And write down questions you want to ask from spirit or any guiding spirit and try to get your answers. You may see your answers in any TV show or from surrounding. If you got difficulty to meditate then get a pendulum to concentrate. Or you can use a sphere crystal to meditate. Thus, you can contact a ghost in your house in a neat, clean and sound place.

4. Quija Board

Quija is a kind of spirit board which is used to calls spirits or ghosts. It a flat board on which alphabets (A-Z), numeric (0-9), yes, no, hello, goodbye and some other symbols like moon, sun, stars are imprinted.  There are some ways to call a ghost using Quija board. Get a friend with you if you are using it and turn off all the lights, televisions, radio, and anything that makes noises. Sit down and place the board between you and the other person. Place a coin on the board and put your fingers very slightly on the coin. Concentrate deeply to call the energies and try to call the good energies. One person will ask the questions from the ghost and the coin will move the respective letter , or yes , no like answers. Or you can call a spirit of any your relative or family member died. Well, it is important to say goodbye to the ghost and then it will allow you to close the doors between human and the spirit world.

3. Staring into mirror at midnight

It is the one of the scariest method to contact a ghost. Well, it is believed that if you continuously gaze at the mirror in the midnight, there are chances to see a ghost. It is believed that a lady named Mary was very beautiful, who used to comb her hairs in the midnight before going to sleep. And she was killed. After that it became a method to call the ghost of Mary. The method is that you have to call three time – Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary with the candle and gaze deeply in the mirror in the midnight. And you will see the ghost of Mary. You may get some indications like switching off the lights and blowing off the candle. It is kind of traditional method to contact a ghost.

2.  Sound Recording

Sound recording is a kind of electronic voice phenomenon which is also called as phantom words. Phantom words are generally noises that may carry a voice recording in different languages or in single language. It may be like a speech or anything that ghost wants to say you. You can put on your recording system, voice system or even video camera in a scary haunted place. You will be able to see a ghost or may contact with them.

1. Calling Energies

This is the most successful method to call a ghost. Go to a open vast and scary place at midnight, where you have an idea to find ghosts. Take your palm out and concentrate completely to call bodies and energies. Feel the hot or cold spot on your palm. Sometimes you may see any light or you may be pushed or jerked for a while. It is scary but it is successful. Then ask the questions like “who are you”, “where are you”, “what you want” etc. It is up to you whether you see that body or not. Or may be that spirit wants help from you, if so, then help them.

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