Top 10 Weird Ways to Become Famous & Popular-Gain Publicity

To get famous you often require some kind of skills or talents that you can portray in front of people and let them know that you stand in a different line from theirs.  But many people are not born with the talent that can make them noticeable in the crowd and make them famous. If you are among such people and finding ways to get famous, Known and popular without having any talent we have some ways in which you can do so. So read the list and search for the way you can relate yourself with to get fame.

10. Dance naked in front of parliament

Do you want to be noticed by millions of people?? Here is a very good way of doing this. News and other broadcasting channels are very much interested in every activity that happens around or inside parliament. If you are a good dancer or even if you are not one than just tear your clothes in front of parliament, get a stereo set and dance as if you are gone wild. This will surely promote you on the entire news channels. And the next time you get down on the streets you will be the first person people will notice and talk about. But beware because as soon as you will become famous for this act you will also become famous among the police and they will be very much interested to see your naked dance in the jail!!!

9. Do something crazy with your looks

There are many people who have done crazy things with their looks and got famous. Just go to a tattoo shop and get a full body tattoo of scales, sharpen your teethes, get your tongue divided into half, colour your lips green and get a tail attached, and here you are ready to look the most weirdest person on earth. You can invent your own ideas too. Just a change in your looks and whenever you will step out of your room you will become famous among the crowd. So to get noticed you have to exploit your wildest and extreme crazy ideas.

8. Post something foolish and funny on internet.

You want to get popular on internet huh??  Post something interesting on YouTube.  This is known to be the best method of getting popular. In today’s era who does not like to watch videos on YouTube. And if yours is funny and different it will become the one o view. You don’t have to do much, you just need a camera, a computer, a completely psycho brain, and millions of people will get aware of your existence on earth. Do crazy stuff like fall again and again on your face, sing in a weird manner, eat a alive fish or you can have your own stupid ideas.

7. Climb on the statues of famous people or on buildings that no one can climb

Trying to do the weirdest thing in your life?? Here is an idea!!! Why don’t you turn up into a monkey and start climbing the statues and buildings in your town. People always notice something that is unusual. And if you want to get famous and popular you have to do something very unusual. Many insane people in urge of getting famous have climbed the artificial structures and they really got famous.  The danger you will put yourself will worth the publicity you will gain after doing this weird stuff.

6. Have sex with someone who is already famous

It has been a famous trick if someone wants to get famous easily.  If you want to achieve fame and become popular search for some famous person who loves to sleep around with strangers. There has been many cases where people have earned name by sleeping around with an already famous name. So if you have that extra edge in your looks and willing to do anything to get famous this is the best way of earning fame. The camera run behind the rich and famous people and if you are linked to them in some manner you will also get the focus on the camera.

5. Stalk the celebrities


Run behind the cars of famous people shouting their names or try to assassinate someone famous if you want to earn publicity. Call celebrities on their phone, stalk them wherever they go and try to pretend as if you are the biggest fan they ever had. If you will be noticed by them you will surely get noticed by the media and the next day your name and your picture will surely come on the newspaper. This can be the quickest route to your getting famous.

4. Form a cult

It has been known from years that people who are the leaders in a pact tend to get all the attention and they become famous. The easiest cult you can form can be of crazy people. Go to a mental asylum and get the members of your group. Do something crazy like go on the streets enchanting spells on people or gather crowd by doing stupid things. Be funny so that people notice you but don’t do something that will put you in the jail. The crazier you will be the funnier things your followers will do making you famous. This has already worked in the case of Charles Manson.

3. Hate all the things which people like

Become as big hater as you can and people will notice you. Just shout slogans and show your hatred towards the things which people either respect or adores like church, temples or any sort of music.

2. Make a crazy world record

You may not believe it but Guinness Book of World records have helped people earn fame and have made them famous even if they have no idea how to get famous. You don’t have to do much either try to make your own crazy record or try to break the record that has been already made by someone. Lee Redmond is a perfect example of it. She grew her nails to 35 inches and now she is all famous. Just follow her footsteps, search for a crazy record and accomplish it!!!

1. Kill someone famous

This is something which is not very easy and definitely no recommended. If you want to earn fame snatch it away from the person who already has it. And the easiest way of snatching the fame from him is to kill him. If you will kill a famous personality you will be all there on the news and on the newspaper. People will always remember you. And that is what you want. People to recognize you and know you!!! So buy a knife or a gun and search the person who can give you the fame you want.


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