Top 10 Ways to Keep your Girl Happy in 2013

Men usually stay out of trouble, but if they ever get in trouble it’s because of the women. Men are said to be very strong but the women have the key to their weakness. A woman can make a man feel very strong and the same woman can make the same man feel very weak. Women have the ways to make the man dance at their finger tips, out of love man do everything in their power to keep their lady happy.

Women are said to be fluctuating, mercurial and mesmerizing but still men cannot live without them. A man having position, power, money, wealth, friends and fame is incomplete until he gets a woman. Even a king’s life revolves around his queen. A man earns money so that his lady can spend it, a man builds a house so that his women can rule it, a man gains fame so that his mate can share it.

Women are unpredictable and this quality of the women confuse men. Men are always trying to find a way to keep their lady happy yet they are unsuccessful. Satisfying a woman is the hardest thing to do. There are many ways to keep your girl happy; the top ten are:


Women love jewelry, so this year give her an ornament; as a token of affection. A bracelet, a pendant, a diamond,  anything of gold or platinum. A Woman loves the man who spends money on her, although she will decline it but she loves it when a man bestows her with expensive gifts.  She will fight with you for buying her such an expensive present, she will argue for spending so much money but in her heart, bubbles are being blown. She feels special and important; above all she will be happy that she has finally gotten something to boast about among her acquaintance, she will wear that ornament at every event until the entire world has seen it.


It is a saying that the starting of the year should be always good so that the rest of the year passes without troubles. Same is the safe with your girl, make her New Year special so that she becomes happy on the first day of the year; hopefully the whole year will pass with ease. Take her out for a romantic dinner, somewhere far away from all the others, at a place where both of you can enjoy a quite New Year night alone. Have a candle light dinner somewhere near the beach.


Girls love the macho type guys. A girl will say that she doesn’t like violence and she doesn’t want you to get into a fight because of her, but deep in her heart she wants you to smack a guy in the face if that guy  dares to gives her a cross word. Be her bodyguard, protect her and punch a guy in the face if you think it’s the right thing to do.


If she says she wants to go for shopping, go with her. If she wants to pick a dress, assist her. If she needs to attend an event unwillingly, be with her. A girl needs a partner, be her partner not just her husband or boyfriend. A girl may act confident but she is always afraid and confused, she will never say a word but you need to be with her; for the sake for making her happy. Sit beside her if she is sad; if you have nothing to say to her, just sit with her. Is she wants to cry, be there to offer your shoulder.


If you want your girl to go crazy for you, just cook for her. The moment she sees you cooking for her, is the moment she becomes all yours. Even if the food sucks, she will eat all of it. It is true that the way to man’s heart passes through his stomach; this applies for the women too. If you cannot cook then at least assist her when she cooks for you.


“You look beautiful”, this is what every woman wants to hears. She spends hours dressing up, she makes sure that she looks perfect but she wants a man to tell her that she looks gorgeous. Actually she spends hours in front of mirror so that her man will tell her that she is beautiful. Whenever she dresses up, give her your words of appraisal.


Be careful when you go out with her. Men have this really gross habit of staring every women passing through them; be aware of it because if you do this when your girl is around, you are gone. When you are with her, your eyes should be only for her. When she speaks to you, look into her eyes; when she tells you something, pay your full attention.



Tell everything, what did u have for lunch, whom you met, what you did whole day. If you are having any trouble at work, tell her. If something is troubling you, share with her. Let her believe that you trust her most in this world. Even if you had lunch with another woman and you tell her by yourself, she won’t even complain. Tell her about your dreams, your fears and your secrets.


There are some birds that will not fly away, even if you open the door of their cage it will not fly; it will remain in the cage. After some time the bird starts loving its master and the cage becomes its home. A woman is similar to that bird in nature. If you put your trust in her, she will never ever break it. You give her the freedom to do whatever she likes and she will never cross the line. You tell her to fly away and she will never leave you. A woman can be the most faithful only if you treat her fairly with love and care.


The main thing which a girl needs from a guy is the security that he will always love her and will never leave her alone. If you are dating her for a long time and you think she is the one you want to spend the rest of the life with, get engaged. If you are already engaged, set a date for marriage. If you are already married, give her a rose every morning and tell how much you love her. If you are yet not ready for engagement or marriage then give her your words of honor that you will not leave her.

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