Top 10 Ways to get Kicked out of a Hotel you are Staying

Are you thinking of doing something fun and adventures this week?? If you are feeling a crazy vibe inside you we have something for you that can help you show people how crazy you can be sometimes.

10. Staying without paying-

Staying at a fancy hotel is always exotic and mesmerising with the entire royal enchants facilities at your doorstep but the problem arises when you stay without pay!

As much as the majestic chandelier and extravagant entrance lures you inside the hotel, the lack of money haunts you outside it. Staying in a fancy hotel without your pockets full surely serves as the best reason for getting kicked out!! or maybe worse!!

9. Running naked in the Hallway-

What better than entering a hotel and seeing a person running naked for your welcome?? It would surely serve as a moment of both horror and delight suiting the viewer’s temperaments.  If you have the guts in your spine to attempt this, then anyone would guarantee you to be thrown out of the hotel and perhaps get arrested too!

8. You own a wild pet-

Suppose you own a cheetah and you are ready to take him for an evening walk passing the corridor to the driveway, what do you think people’s reaction would be? Will they be awed by the pet’s cuteness or praise it for its shimmering fur?  Well, OFCOURSE NOT! It will create havoc in the hotel and that supposedly ‘CUTE’ pet of yours will become a monster ready to devour all!! Such would very suitably and veritably be a condition of either you or your pet being given a ticket off the door.

7. You go Over Adventurous and Crazy-

Everyone likes adventure and going off the edge.  Daring is still in fashion. But if you’re going crazy in a hotel means smashing the chairs and table or throwing stones at the curtained glass windows or you’re going adventurous means to climb up a chandelier then it could surely prove to be a reason hitting the top list!! It will surely force the hotel authorities to grab you and throw you out of the hotel. From the next time you may even see a no entry board on the hotel door with your name mentioned on it.

6. You get a bad stomach all of a sudden –

Imagine being seated for an elegant and sophisticated dine, listening to the melodious music in the background and watching the ballet and suddenly amidst the harmony of the music. You hear a distant puke and then another and the whole room is filled with unbearable stinky smell and puckish vomits.  If you are amongst the people who usually get sick, then do get some tablets for yourself or don’t unpack your bad at first itself!

5. You turn the hotel into a cricket stadium-

You and your friends turn the whole hotel into a cricket stadium with the commentators on the roll and a bunch of students on the hallway for fielding and bowler bowls and the batsman with full vigour hits the ball which goes smashing up the couch and bounces in the hallway and finally hitting someone’s head or hitting the glass doors. This is really going to a great and much anticipated reason if you are desperate for being kicked out!!

4. Smoke, Drink and Misbehave –

Entry is restricted at all public places for the people who indulge in smoking and drinking. A sign at the hotel always says “NO SMOKING” . But when people don’t adhere to that as well as take if off the limits and molest the public, then it goes beyond tolerance. This case is beyond humour and is a serious crime and is a very proper reason to get kicked out of a hotel.

3. You organize a buffet night at a hotel-

Well, a cardinal rule states that you should not eat out of other people’s plates. We are all poor and do our best to make ends meet. We stretch every euro, every penny and every peso for food. So, it is definitely not appreciated if you steal other people’s food unless you are offered it. And if you are the one the one who is caught in the practice then it is your time to bid adieu to the hotel !!

2. Organizing a party at odd hours-

Go to a scenario when you are comfortably sleeping in your bed weaving a dream  planning for a better tomorrow and suddenly what you hear is the soul – shivering sound of rock music coming from someone’s room at 3 a.m. Having a party is perfectly okay if everyone agress to have it but sitting up all night partying and dancing is not very respectful. Better yet, leave the hotel and get into a disco. That’s what you want exactly isn’t it?

1. You are caught doing some fanatical pranks-

What if you get into the mood and the Prankster in you goes back to the fifth grade? You put soil in the coffee filter? Or of there is a fountain, you put bubble bath in it? Or even better you get into people’s room saying you’re room service or take their clothes by saying you’re laundry. As it goes ‘Nothing is Illegal until you get caught!!’ So, if you get caught then you should be ready for getting kicked out!


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