Top 10 Ways to Attract More Girls

So you are still single and all ready to mingle. If you want the girl of your dreams keep in mind that the girl also must be looking for the man of her dreams. So are you ready? Have you enough qualities to be the man of someone’s dreams? Do you think that girls around you don’t even notice that you exist? They never give you signs that they are interested in you? If it is so, then you must be lacking the art of attracting girls. You must be jealous of your colleague who is always surrounded with girls and every girl crossing his way passes him at least passes him a smile. Why is it not so with you? Well, maybe you are still not ready to impress them enough. You have been so much engrossed in your studies and work till now that you never actually thought over this. It’s high time. Give some thought to it and adopt some measures to attract girls if you do not want to be single forever. We are helping you here with top ten ways to attract more girls:

10. Don’t act desperate


Don’t be desperate to take the next step. If you are talking to you for the first time, don’t ask for a date at the first go. When she is out with you do not find excuses to touch her. Give time to any relationship, she is not running away, move step by step. If you keep on touching her with silly excuses she will get the wrong idea about you and you will be tagged as a pervert. Keep your desperation in control and don’t let it show.

9. Don’t be a stalker


If a girl denied talking to you do not follow her everywhere. This will make no difference. Just that she will get irritated and will ask someone to help her out. If you really want to attract girls maintain decorum. Don’t call or message her again and again. If you take it intelligently she may talk to you later but when you irritate her night and day, she will get irritated and get a wrong picture of you. Give her some time and approach like a gentleman.

8. Don’t use pick up lines


“Do you have a library card? Because I’m checking you out” , “Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

This is the worst way to impress a girl. A cheesy pick up line will never impress her. Instead she will make sure she doesn’t cross her way with you in the future. If you want to keep distance with girls you may use these but while attracting girls you have to maintain a distance from these cheesy lines.

7. Listen to her


Just don’t go on with your personal problems, bravery tales and your childhood stories. Let her speak and listen to her. A girl likes someone who listens to her patiently and well responds to what she’s saying. Don’t let your mind wander around when she’s talking to you. She chose you to tell her problems, don’t make her feel that you are bored and not interested in what she is saying. Be a good listener always. This will definitely help you to attract girls. Don’t tell her that she speaks too much, tell her you like when she goes on with her talks. It doesn’t mean you need to agree with whatever she’s saying. She won’t appreciate it much. Let her speak and give you views on it. She likes guys who has their own thinking and don’t just agree with what people around say.

6. Improve your personality


Groom yourself. A good personality attracts everyone. If you do not dress and behave properly, nobody is going to be around you. Who will like to go on a date with someone who stinks? You must follow a hygienic routine to impress girls. You must smell good, look good and behave nicely. These are the things must for your personality. Do not shout at the waiter at your first date. It may be your last one with the girl then. Girls like guys with etiquette.

5. Ask her out


To attract a girl, you need to spend time with her. Ask her to go out with you. If it’s a first time date, keep in mind, not to take her to a candle light dinner. You have asked her for the very first time and she has agreed but that does not mean she has accepted your marriage proposal. Spend casual time with her. You can take her to some concert or movie where you can save yourself from dead silence if you to have nothing to talk to for a while.

4. Compliment her

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Compliments are the one thing girls love just as much as they like chocolates. She is here to meet you and it is visible that she spent a quite amount of time being ready. You must compliment her then. Even if she’s not out with you, you can text her after a office party that she was looking beautiful. Keep in mind not to compliment her as ‘sexy’ for the very first time. This will not give her a good indication.

3. Sense of humor


You must have a good sense of humor  Because girls like those guys who can make girls laugh. But be careful; do not cross your limits while doing so. Do not try to make her laugh with dirty jokes. If you are commenting on some girl’s body part to make her laugh, you are going the totally wrong way. She won’t like it at all. Dirty jokes will give her the idea of you being a pervert. So save yourself from the tag. Be on the safe side.

2. Be honest

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“Honesty is the best policy”. You must have come across this quote hundreds of time since your school days. It is indeed true. Girls love honest guys. Maybe she has been cheated before, so it may be difficult for her to trust you. But, make sure once she starts trusting you there’s no looking back. You must be honest enough; if you are busy with your friends and disconnect her call saying you are working chances are many that she’s standing behind you. Be honest to her no matter what. She is going to like it much more than any other of your qualities.

1. Be yourself


You must get one thing that you should never lose your originality for anything. Its okay that you are trying to attract girls but being false won’t ever help. Make them like you for what you are and not for what you are trying to be. You may win someone’s heart by faking yourself but when she comes to know about the truth, she won’t even like to see your face. So, always be yourself, no matter what.


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