Top 10 Unknown things about John Mcafee

It’s in human nature to fight, when he falls ill, like wise it’s also in human nature to find a cure if his machines falls ill. One for the most remarkable creation of human is a computer. Though these computers are used world wide, in the year 1949, for the first time it was discovered by virus which can cause a lot problem inside the system of a computer. Though people went on with the problem, John McAfee was the first man to have introduced the anti- virus to fight the infection of any virus into our computer. His anti-virus company is world famous even today, as well as himself. Though McAfee is well known for his invention of anti-virus, John McAfee is also well known for his in saneness as well. Though He started his career from NASA’s Institute for Space Studies as a programmer, and climbed up in career as high as one could, immediately he dropped all the way back through his involvement in many illegal activities. As careless one could be, John McAfee became an example. Let us have a view on how McAfee an established businessman became a most wanted man of crime.

10. Starting Anti-Virus Company

anti virus company

While he was working in the Lockheed Company, McAfee received a copy of Pakistani Brain computer Virus. He set out to find a solution for these computer viruses and came up with software through which he can kill them or stop them infecting the system. He became the first man to use anti-virus through a business model called Shareware. Thus the invention of anti-virus gave him an idea of his own company. He quit Lockheed and started his own company of anti-virus software in the year 1992. He started initially in his home and later on moved into Network General, which later on renamed in his name only. McAfee companies of anti-virus remain one of the largest in the world.

9. Quitting from his Company

To increase the sale of his company McAfee made a false statement to public that there is some serious virus out there and if they do fight it, when the system gets infected it can cause a complete shutdown of the hard disc and can damage to everything in it, loosing all the data. Though this causing a lot of panic among the people, and it did make people buy his product, and there was a rapid increase in the sales that year, McAfee lost his reputation among his co-workers and was forced to quit from his own company. Hence he took all the stock money and left the company being a richer man in the world.

8. McAfee interest in Yoga


It is true that Yoga is one of the best exercises to man and one which can relax both body and mind. McAfee was one of those, who were crazy for Yoga. After selling all his companies and making a lot of money, McAfee sought out to teach Yoga and he also wrote few books on Yoga and released DVD’s as well. He wrote four books on yoga which were ‘Into the Heart of Truth’, ‘The Secret of the Yamas’, ‘The Fabric of Self’, and ‘Beyond the Siddhis’.

7. Sports and Adventure

aero trekking

As fast as a snake declines its skin for a new one, McAfee changed his interest into sports and adventures to make his money. He developed the sport of aero trekking. He brought place in New Mexico and opened his own sport business of aero trekking. His nephew Joel Gordon Bitow along with a passenger called Robert Gilson crashed the plane instantly killing the passenger. This made the family of Gilson sew McAfee as they claimed that his nephew was serving as an instructor on illegal terms. McAfee was charged about $5 million for this by the family of Gilson.

6. Interest in Antibiotics


Again, like a child changing his interest on toys, McAfee after making money investing in other companies and selling some of his own, he wanted to research a new antibiotic which seemed like the next fast money to him. He even grew plants in the Jungle of Belize to develop these. Along with a partner called Allison Adonizio he found out an antibiotic which was believed to be an equivalent to Neosporin, though it is not completely tested.

5. Drugs and firearms

poilice raid

McAfee brought some land and made his home near the Mexico and was believed that he stayed with his 17-year- old girl friend. He was suspected of manufacturing methamphetamine drugs and was raided by policemen. He was taken out of his own house and according McAfee complaint he had made to stay in sun without any food. The policemen though did not find any drugs, they found an arsenal scientific lab and firearms. The Firearms were taken into police custody.

4. Scandal with Neighbor

Gregory Faull

One day McAfee found all his dogs dead and it was poisoned. He had neighbor called Gregory Faull. Faull had a problem with McAfee lifestyle and he even had complained to authorities regarding the same. After two days of the death of the dogs, Faull was found dead in his home with a gunshot wound in the back of his head. Due the connection between the incidents recently developed between both these men, the police wanted to question McAfee. But McAfee believed that the government is trying to screen him falsely into a crime to take him out of the country. Hence scared for being held and jailed McAfee fled from his home and hide himself.

3. Movie on McAfee Life Story

into movies

The man created a great deal of interest among people with his switching character and oh yes! He has inspired our Hollywood directors and producers to make a film out of his lifestyle. According to the latest news Montreal based TV producer Impact Future Media has got the rights into making McAfee Life story into a tele Serial or Movie. It is believed that McAfee sold the rights to tell the people his side of the story that he did not commit any of the crimes and he is innocent. For the time being the project is titled as ‘Running in the Background’. Well no doubt his life had been a big run let it be his life in business ventures or his personal life.

2. Found and Arrested in Guatemala


After the incident about the murder of his neighbor, McAfee was afraid of being arrested and hence he ran and was in hiding in Belize. The police department declared him as a ‘person of interest’ in related to the murder investigation of his neighbor. Though he was not charged for the murder, he was only wanted for questioning. He requested for asylum facility in Guatemala. Later he was arrested by the authorities of Guatemala for entering the place illegally.

1. Release and Deported


He repeatedly posted in his website whoismcafee that he was innocent and he wants to go home to US and settle down in his old age. Though he was hospitalized for symptoms of heart attack while he was on trial in Jail, he was sent back that it was only chest pains. Guatemala authorities sent him back to US, which he boarded a flight to Miami.

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