Top 10 Unethical Bizarre Ways to Make Money

When friends sit down together and get in mood, their brains fly to all the mischievous things. This time, while discussing about money making, none of us found the traditional ways appropriate for us. Instead, our mind started thinking of the unethical ways to do so. Here are the points which will also help you to improve your pocket and that too with extra comfort and enjoyment.

#10] Bank fraud:

The riskiest way to earn money unethically is to plan some fraud on a bank. If you work in one bank then you will have a very good chance to plan a fraud. Though you will have to think about the security risks as well; and this is clearly a very tough task. Sometimes, you may have heard of some private banks that closes all of a sudden and take away all your life’s hard work. So if you’re rich enough to have a share in one of the local private banks, then just take two years and after that fly from the state taking all the money others deposited in your bank. This involves high risks and is totally illegal.

#9] Black Marketing:

If you sell something which you don’t own or sell something at an extra high rate, then it is called black marketing. You may have heard about black tickets outside cinema halls. Also, black market or black product, which is available at a low price than the usual stores. The products they sell are either stolen if you get them at exceptionally low price or are bought for the right price but sold at exceptionally high price due to the rare availability or uniqueness.

#8] Prostitution:

Prostitution means you are willingly providing sexual services to another person and the person is paying you for this. There is a lot of money in this field. You can charge anyone any amount; you just have to make a deal with them. You can earn as much money as your wish per day. The status of prostitution varies from country to country. In some parts of this world, prostitution is legal but in India, it is not legal. These people are called as sex workers.

#7] Hacking:

Now this trick requires skills. One must have complete knowledge about the softwares, network security and other protocols. If you are a software freak, then this is one way to make unethical money. Crack the network security of organisations to transfer their funds in your account, hack the system of banks and different accounts to again play with their money. Sometimes hacking someone’s account on some social-networking web portal can make money for you. There are people who pay you to hack someone’s system or account. This is easy as will just take hours for you and will pay you high enough.

#6] Fake Brand:

If have some money to invest, then well this is the best way. Open a small firm that will produce duplicates of the most popular brands. When your product looks just similar to the real branded product, the people will pay you equally for it. It always takes less money to produce the fake products and you simply get more than thrice of what you invested. Start from a single brand and a small shop, using tactics like sale and discounts, and many other business ideas, you can sell your product in the market and earn a lot of profit. Just remember not to get caught. So be careful and earn till the time you think this game is not dangerous and not planning your future in jail.

#5] Fake Diamonds:

There are many who love to wear diamonds but do not recognize which is the real one. If you have interest in making and cutting diamonds or you have enough time to learn this, then this is the easiest way to go. The trick is to polish and cut the fake diamond in the way it appears actual real diamond to the customers. 1 out of 10 will recognize that this one is not real, present a real diamond before them. But those who do not know the identity of a real diamond can be fooled easily. And i do not feel the need to inform you about the amount of money they pay for a diamond, even a fake one.

#4] Help seeking story:

All you got to do is just simply create a sad story about some bad luck and worst conditions that you are in. Say for example, you need some work but you are unable to find any, you have a daughter who is very ill and her operation is truly necessary for her living, you have a sister and mother and you are not able to make for rent and now you’re about to turn homeless, and all. There a many people out there who will sympathize on this part of the story and donate loads. This just needs a pleading poster and corrects words for your story that should appear to be genuinely tragic. Then see the flood of donations you get.

#3]Sell body parts:

I consider it another unethical way to earn money. If you are willingly donating your body parts to someone who needs it more, then it can be medium of earning money. This decision should be taken carefully as we all know that how important our life is. Each and every body parts is important for the proper functioning of our body. A wrong decision of yours can make your life like hell and you will be left in pain. You can donate your organs to earn some money but don’t get involved in some illegal work like selling other’s body parts illegally. That will be so insane.

#2] Drug Dealers:


Dealing with drugs or supplying drugs can get you tons of money. Don’t think about making it big. Even the drugs which are supplied in small packets costs a large amount; you can become a millionaire within days. But Drug trade is illegal and is sort of global black marketing.  It’s a very dangerous business as many terrorists and mafias are involved in this business. Once you get involved in this kind of stuff it will be impossible for you to back out. Drug suppliers themselves get used to drugs generally.


It’s not a proper way of making money but yes! You can rob a bank or house and run with money. But it is definitely risky.  Another way is to rob an ATM but you need to be very intelligent to do this as it requires some technical knowledge and skills. Do think about it hundred times before attempting anything like this because robbery is a big crime in the country. You could be spending your whole life in jail for a single big robbery. So, if you want to rob something be watchful and make sure that you should never get caught.


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