Top 10 Things Women are Insecure about

The best thing about mathematics and physics is that you always find a logical explanation of every phenomenon occurring in your surroundings; there is always a mathematical representation, both the right hand side and left hand side always become equal to each other.  There is always a possible solution for every problem, be it trigonometry, calculus, algebra or vectors.

This spirit of mathematics and physics gives us hope that there is a reason present behind everything; this spirit of ours is doomed when we look at the most beautiful and ravishing creation of God. This alluring charisma of God is known as a WOMAN. When it comes to women, you cannot find a rational comprehension for their behavior. They are most unpredictable, disoriented, disconcerted, perplexing and complicated living being on the planet of earth; not the earth but the entire solar system. Even if there are aliens present on any other planet, they won’t be able to beat the women. They never fear anyone and never take a sigh of relief until or unless they have accomplished a particular task. Nothing in this world can condense their spirit; well on a second thought, there are some things which can reduce the confidence level of the women.

Yes, the women also have some insecurities. Among them the top 10 are:

10. Another woman looking much prettier than her:

Being a woman, you have to follow many rules. In that list one most primary rule is that no matter, but you need to look perfect on every occasion. You need to put on a brand new dress for every party, your make-up should be impeccable, your jewelry should match your dress. Who cares if you have to spend 4 hours for your appearance and its nothing when you get to look perfect in return. This utter hard work of a woman goes in vain when she enters the occasion and sees another women looking more perfect than her. There is no comparative degree for the word perfect but women, they do not care. They can’t stand the fact that a woman looks more perfect than her.

9. Your spouse or boyfriend appreciating your friend:

People say that friendship is stronger than any relation in the world. The women, they are ready to give their lives for their friend. They will never ever bear it when someone insults their friend. They convert into blood sucking witch from a sparkling fairy princess within seconds when it comes to protecting a friend; they are even willing to kill their boyfriend or husband if he utter a single bad word regarding her friend. But the same woman turn into jealous physco ,when her husband or boyfriend starts appreciating her friend’s skill. A husband or a boyfriend is supposed to only appreciate his partner and no other woman.

8. No one cook better than her:

It is famous saying that “the path to man’s heart is through his stomach”. Once upon a time cooking was a lady’s famous hobby. Since it is past tense, it ratifies the fact it is not a lady’s favorite hobby. Majority of the women today do not like to cook, but there are some women who still have some magnificent cooking skills. Many married couples are alive only because there is a home delivery and take out option in every restaurant. A man who lives on hand outs is bound to appreciate it whenever he gets to eat home cooked food. This is another criteria in which a woman can never stand it when his partner appreciates some else’s cooking. Neither she will ever learn to cook some decent food herself nor she will bear her partner appreciating someone’s cooking.

7. Another woman wearing the same dress:

Another principle of being a woman is that you need to be absolutely unique. One of a kind. A woman goes nuts when she hears some one comparing her to another woman. She can not be unique when some one else is also dressed up like her, or is wearing the same shoe or jewelry. Even the same lipstick is enough to ruin her uniqueness.

6.  Every man should admire her:

It’s a generally duty of every man in the room to admire her. She will get desperate, when man doesn’t pay her any attention and she will slap him when he hits on her. She will visit the green room thousands of time to check her appearance again and again; to make sure that she is looking absolutely stunning. She wants everyone to admire her and when everyone stares at her she will start complaining.

5. Her medical treatment:

Here the medical treatment doesn’t refer to any kind disease but it means the number of plastic surgeries she was received. How can she be perfect if her nose is one cm taller or she has pimples on her forehead. Her features are meant to be flawless. But no one is to know how many surgeries she has under went or how many Botox she has received.

4. They are never satisfied with what they have:

Some women are meant to change the world, while the others are meant to hold it together. There are some working women, whom are work alcoholic. They have a job, career, vehicle but they desire husband and children. There are women who are house wives, who have a husband and children but they are also not satisfied. They wish to become a working woman. The women are never completely happy. They always have something to fret about, they are always hankering over one thing or the other.

3. Her fitness:

Her body figure is one of her biggest insecurity. A woman can starve for days and never complain. A woman can live boiled food and salad and not utter a single curse. Slim women are dying to put on some weight and healthy women are eager to obtain zero size. Even a perfectly maintained women is never satisfied and keeps on consulting fitness guides.


2.  Her man is cheating on her:

A woman gets suspicious when you start paying her too much attention and she is dubious when you take her for granted. Once she gets the notion that her man is cheating on her, she transforms into James Bond and starts keeping an eye on her man. The thing is that if she puts the same effort in her relationship, her man will never cheat on her.

1. Her possession:

Despite the fact that a woman is unpredictable and crazy, she is very loving. She loves people from the core of her heart. It is true that a diamond is a woman’s best friend but still she loves her family. A son is a son till he gets a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life. Nothing in this world can replace her feelings. A woman is loving daughter, A darling wife and a caring mother. Her biggest fair is losing the people she loves.


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