Top 10 Things Girls Don’t Like About Boys

Discussions are always going on arguing different traits of girls and boys. There are many traits of girls which are not liked by boys and many of them are not liked by girls themselves. And there come the things about boys which are not liked by girls. There may be many things in boys which are not appreciated much by the opposite gender. Here we are listing some of them or say most popular of them. Below are the traits found in boys which is not liked by girls at all, so girls have a look to agree and boys learn them by heart to keep in mind which traits you possess and work hard on it to make your girl stay and if you are single than to make a girl come to you. Here we go:

10. The abusive guy


We agree that now-a-days girls use abusive words as well. But it is more popular with the opposite sex. There are few boys who always start and end their every single sentence with something not acceptable. Surprisingly, many of them are very proud of themselves because of this and they think it’s cool to abuse someone that’s why they often try it in front of girls also. For their kind knowledge girls don’t like it at all. They find it cheap and sometimes too vulgar. She’s also someone’s sister and she won’t appreciate abusing some other’s sister. So, come out of the myth guys, that it’s cool, you are sadly mistaken.

9. Over-critical


Girls like it when guys help them, correcting things about themselves. But being over critical can destroy it all. A girl does not like a guy who always keeps on criticizing her. You may say that she looked better yesterday with a pony rather than saying you are looking worse than yesterday. She doesn’t like when you are always commenting on her way of dressing, her way of thinking, her way of understanding and every other thing. A girl is more irritated than pleased by the list of advises. So, be careful while telling her that you know better what’s good for her as if she has no brains of her own.

8. Comparison


This is one the things that will increase the temper of a girl anytime. She will not like it when you are comparing her with other girls, your mother and even you. She is herself and does not expect you to point out faults in her while comparing her to someone else. This is just not acceptable to her at any cost. Don’t say that she looks likes so and so just say you are beautiful because she is herself and nobody else. Don’t say that you can do it better than her because you are a guy. It will definitely land you to some trouble.

7. The Late comer


She does not like waiting at a place for you while every other passing stranger stares at her. When you gave her some time for a meeting you are expected to reach five minutes early to wait for her and receive or at least on time so that she is not displeased if not pleased. Waiting is one of the most irritating jobs of the world and you know that well, so don’t make her wait for you while you fixed an appointment. She hates it.

6. Choosing other things over her

"Priorities" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

This is one thing you should glue to your mind. If you are choosing work or some other thing over her it’s really harsh. May be she’s sacrificing other things just for a meeting with you and you give an excuse that you have to go somewhere so and so. This is an annoying situation for a girl and don’t blame her when she leaves you with your work and other so called priorities.

5. Untidiness


This trait is found in most of the guys. They love being untidy. Though god knows why they love their clothes and things scattered all over the place. Such a mess is so dear to him but this trait if a boy is not acceptable to girls. They are always doing efforts to keep themselves and surroundings clean, obviously because they like tidy things.

4. Ignorance/Negligent


Ignorance and negligence is not appreciated by anyone and same goes with girls as well. They are also humans and expect attention in return of all the attention they give to a boy. If you promise a girl to call within an hour and you are texting her next day that you were busy, it’s not going to work guys! You should at least respect your words. If you are out with her and met some other acquaintance on the way and start discussing your lives ignoring her totally that’s really a bad part of you she won’t’ ever forget.

3. The extraordinary mommy’s boy

Momma's Boy

She doesn’t have a problem with your mother or with your sister. Nor is she jealous of them as you can misinterpret them, but what exactly do you want to prove? Is it that you are the only guy who has a goddess mother? To avoid confusion it must be cleared that girls love a family person but being extra ordinarily mommy’s boy is a little difficult to handle. You are going everywhere behind your mother holding her purse and doing things for her, sitting and watching daily soaps with her and always talking about her and her greatness. This is too much. She likes a guy who can balance things and this Oedipus complex is not at all liked by any girl.

2. Ogling


Ogling at a girl is the one of the cheapest things guys do. A girl passes and they ogle her like an eagle has seen a dead creature. Remember guys, girls don’t like it at all. They may dress up attractively, it’s their choice, and she didn’t dress up to be ogled at, be clear about that. And you land in serious trouble if she catches you doing that, she has a sixth sense which can tell her how cheap your look is.

1. Forgetting important dates


One of the most popular traits of a boy is forgetting the days which are very important to the girl or you two together. You are in a serious problem if you forget her birthday be it your friend, girl friend or sister. You are screwed. She won’t talk to you for day’s maybe. She didn’t expect this out of you. Not even birthdays you are supposed to remember many other dates related to them, your anniversary, the day you first met, the day you went there and so on. Seems a difficult job but getting a girl and keeping her happy is never an easy job. No one said you so.


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