Top 10 things & Facts about Roman Civilization

Civilization is the chief cause of the highly developed societies of the world today.  In fact, to my perspective, there are many things in which we are still behind those civilizations which flourished back in ancient times before Christ. Their art, culture, sciences, beliefs and many other things make us feel a leprechaun before them. In true, words, they were the masters of living society. Although, since then we have developed a lot, but to very first concern of thing is the way they lived and they capitalized their life style and society. For the following section of write up, I have taken one of the greatest civilization which flourished on the earth back in 2000 B.C in present Italy. The civilization was known as Civilization of Rome. Here for the following section, all the major aspects of Romans have been considered and briefly detailed as well. The list of the 10 things which one must know about them have been mentioned and are as followed:-

10.) Basic History and Origin

The civilization is reported to be flourished back in 2000 BC in Western part of present Italy.  In fact the first race which inhabited the place were “Istraskans”. They lived for almost 600 years, but then the existence for Roman Civilization came in effect after the establishment of a society by two brothers namely Romas and Romulas. In fact, Romans enjoyed all the architecture and life style that istraskans already built in the society.  Roman civilization was primarily known to be started in 410 B.C after “Latinus race “ people invaded and made Istraskans flew away.

9.) Early Division of Society prior Julius Caesar

The basic division of society was made on two basis. The first was Patricians who invaded the place and made istraskans flew  away and simple they were the chief citizens of the society and the other was Plabians. Patricians were the benefitted class of the society and Plabians were deprived from any privileges. This caused a feud between the two classed which ended after 10 years when both classes were given equal rights and this was the mark of the two classes mixing together and causing a cultural match up.

8.) Early growth and Wars

The  first war that Romans fought was with Karthez which flourished after the fall of Greek in Europe. Karthez were in mood of their empire expansion and this caused a fight between Rome and Karthez. Karthez sent a warlord to Rome named “hanniball” who crossed “Apennine mountains and entered Rome and fought for more than 15 years before he died. Once Hanniball died, Rome invaded Karthez with a resolution of total destruction of Karthez and they did it. Karthez was now a colony of Rome.

7.) Rome- War

This is the most famous war fought in the history of Rome between two major generals of Rome named Mariyus  and Sulla. They fought continuously from 89-78 B.C. for the supremacy of Rome and at last , Mariyus was defeated by Sulla and Sulla became the Prime Warlord of Rome and the most celebrated person. He soon died in 76 B.C. and again Rome was fallen to degradation and constant foreign invasions.

6.) Political Organizations

The Roman political system was divided in to tow major organs namely Council, Comitia Senatorial and Senate.  In fact, Rome had two councils and Council members were inducted by senators and Senators were the retired council members. Although, with two council at the same time, no orders could pass, because once a order or deal was passed, others deny and thus council was just for name. The main organ which dealt with all the roots and causes of society was Senate.

5.) Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is the senator from the Roman History who unified the entire Rome and changed the democratic Rome in to Emperor Rome. The democracy was devastated and Senator was considered the ruler of state. Julius Caesar, Pompe and Crassus unified Rome in 60 B.C, but after the death of Crassus, Pompe and Caesar went in to a fight to have the total authority of Rome. Lastly after a year in 58 B.C. Caesar’s enemies flew away and Pompe was exiled to Egypt where he died after some time. Caesar was now the most celebrated person of Rome. He controlled and put a ban on the authorities of many councils and took over the supremacy in his own hands. He was elected the senator in 44 B.C. and with his rising popularity, he was conspired to death by his own senate members in 44 B.C. He was back stabbed by his most beloved friend Brutus and last words which Caesar said were “ You too Brute”. This marked the end of reign of Julius Caesar.

4.) Augustus Caesar (Octavian)

Octavian Caesar was the niece of Julius Caesar who came to the throne after defeating Antonio and Cleopatra in 31 B.C. This marked the start of Roman Empire.  He took the Rome to its maximum heights and ruled over Rome till 14 B.C. He made a dam of Tower River to help peasants in irrigation. He caused for the worship of lords and thus he was considered the incarnations of Apollo.

3.) Rome after Caesar

After the death of Rome, It was divided in to two parts mainly Eastern Rome and Western Rome. It was the time, when Rome was under the hands of Constantine who took his state to Byzantine from Rome and named it as his capital city and named it Constantinople.  Constantine had adopted Christianity and thus Christianity rose to its peak.  Constantine was followed by Justinian who did a lot of works in field of Art and Science.

2.) Jesus Christ

This is the best things from Roman Civilization which saw the birth and rise of Jesus. It was the time when people believed in superstitions. Jesus said himself the “Son of Lord” and was highly motivated by the teachings of the then philosopher “John-da-Baptist”.  However, Baptist was killed by Herad the then Roman ruler.  Jesus also spread the teachings of his own beliefs and said that every man and woman is equal to eyes of god. God is the ultimate creator and we are born equal. His teachings had created a mass awareness which alarmed the Roman ruler Herad and he crucified Jesus. However Jesus was died but is said to have come to life after 12 days and his teachings then on continued forever.

1.) Last Roman Days

Roman Empire lasted for more than 500 years after the death of Jesus Christ. It saw the rise and fall of many great kings like Constantine, Justinian, Nero,. Avroliyus, Marcus and haryan. It was the time, when Rome was under constant  fight over the issue of religion. Protestants and Catholics always fought with each other. Lastly in 1500 A.D, Ottoman Turks invaded Rome and Roman Empire was lost forever to hands of new race called “Ottoman Turks” who had adopted Islam. This is marked as the fall of Rome and rise of “Islam”.

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