Top 10 Qualities Everyone Looking for Job Must have

If you want to survive, you have to work; if you desire luxury, you need to have a profession to make money out of it; if you need a job, you need to have skills; if you want a post, you need a degree; if you want to make your name in a field, you should put your heart in it.  If you want to achieve something in life, you are obliged to make yourself deserve it. If you desire a commodity, you have to bring up yourself to the caliber of that commodity.

Nothing can be gained out of hunger and longing; you have to learn, struggle and work to make yourself capable of possession. Everyone has a will but not everyone has the heart to struggle. You cannot have a dog unless you have learned to train a dog; you cannot buy a car until you have learned to drive. You cannot teach hitherto you have learned the lesson yourself by heart. You have to fulfill certain conditions if you want to procure a task.

When you start looking for a job, you only apply for the jobs which meet you demands. Similarly, when you hire an employ there are certain qualities which an employer seeks in his employ. If you wish to become an employ and you are looking for a job, there are certain criteria in which you should be qualified. The top ten are:


If you are working at a place, you need to have imperturbability and composure. The superiors have the habit of leaving all the trouble work for their juniors; they will ask you to do all the work which they themselves find difficult to do. If you are looking for a job, you need to prepare yourself mentally about all the complications, entanglements and predicaments you will have to encounter. Do lose loose you temper when you face a dilemma; stay cool and keep you head calm. If you lose your temper, you may end up losing the job.


Remember your boss is always right; you can be wrong and meat head but your boss can never make a mistake. Even if you think he is being a donkey then too say, “You are right boss”. If you try to tell your boss about his mistakes, you might fire you from your job. If try to correct him, he won’t listen to you anyway so it is better keep your mouth shut and do as the boss says.


Getting a job is like going back to school. It won’t matter if your alarm clock ditched you or your car got punctured. You missed the bus, it is your problem not your boss’. The sun is up or not but you need to get up and be there at your work place by 8 a.m. Do not miss work and do not take holidays unless it is absolutely necessary. When you work, it is your time to earn, you will have lots of opportunities to spend the money later.


Never complain about anything. The boss knows that the coffee machine sucks but you are not supposed to fret; you are here to work not to for coffee. So what if you missed your lunch, you won’t die if you skip your lunch. It’s not a big deal if you missed your favorite show because of work; hankering won’t do, you can watch the repeat telecast later. Sometimes in life your life doesn’t go the way you want it to be, you must learn to compromise. Things become easy when you acquire the acceptance mode.


You need to be confident in everything you do. Dress well and dress according to your work place. Look good and be charming. Charm is the way to make your place in everyone’s heart. Everyone loves and admires a charming fellow. Be humorist and your appearance should be pleasant. Never get confuse and you need to have right answer to every question. Never say I don’t know; just give an answer, be it right or wrong. Be quick and efficient. Your efficiency is very vital component.


Your socializing should be exorbitant. Always have the right contacts; be it a hairdresser, a lawyer, a police officer, a judge or a journalist. You must have all the numbers. You must have acquaintances among the celebrities and you must have contacts with some real powerful people. if you cannot afford to have contact with high class people at least have the right basic contacts. You should know a nice engineering, someone in advertisement or a banker. Having acquaintances in the media world can be every effective; how does not like a bit of publicity.


A man can never stop learning, a ph D too has tons to things to learn. A person should start learning from his mother’s arm and should continue till the day he breaths his last. You should be a quick learner. Do not take too much time to comprehend a situation; pick the problem and give a quick elucidation. If someone tries to teach you anything, try to pick it up quickly. There are always some codes and gesture of a company; learn by heart as soon as possible.


Honesty is the best policy; if you play games and hatch conspiracies, you won’t be able to last a week. If you lie, the truth will come out eventually and after that you won’t only lose your job but also your similitude. Be dedicated and do not cheat on your employer; be loyal to the organization. if you get indulge in dishonesty and you will end like a loser with no job, no money and no respect. These shortcuts have a very glorious image but their entity is polluted. Those who know it, stay away from them and those who do not, they learn from their mistakes.


You should be at home with modernization. You must know how to operate all object related to technology. You must know how to run all the software. Be familiar with software, hardware and other gadgets. You must know how to operate the computer, laptops, cameras and other tablets. Your typing skills should be efficient and you should have expertise in surfing. You should also be intimate with history of the people you are working for as well as other people in the same criteria.



You need to be a hard worker. Forget all you leisure activities and concentrate on your work. To make your place in an office, you must work hard. Once you have won your boss’ heart then you can take holidays now and then but for the initials you must be hard worker. Stay late if your work demands it.


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