Top 10 Mysterious Celebrity Deaths

The celebrity world is full of the unspeakable and the unbelievable . They worked for their followers as long as they lived. During their careers they do many things which impress us , influence us and also deeply touch us . Most of them live ideal lives full of stardom , luxury , style and power  . Throughout their lives they never missed a chance to leave you speechless . But there are also celebrities who left the world speechless even with their deaths . They quit  the world and left behind many questions that still remain unanswered .  Their deaths came as a shock to all the fans all over the world but obvious due to the loss of the wonderful talent forever but also due to the mysterious ways and unacceptable ways in which they died . They left scars in their hearts forever to stay . There are a lot of celebs who died under weird circumstances, Some even committed suicides, and others could have been avoided if they tried drug addiction recovery. The following are the top 10 mysteries with the celebrities deaths.

10.  Bruce lee and Brandon lee.

bran bru

Bruce lee the legendary fighter revolutionized the era of martial arts world wide . Bruce lee became the icon for the fighting masters and those who aspired . The weapons he used especially Nunchaku became the trend for the youngsters . It was said that he was the fittest man on Earth but that was not the case . He suffered from cerebral edema that is retention of water in the nervous tissues . He used to have head aches and seizures . On the day that he died ; 20th July 1973 ; he was suffering from head ache and had taken pain killer Eguagesic and then went to sleep never to wake up again . He was due to have dinner with co actors but when he did not turn up they went to wake him up to find him dead . He was taken to Hong Kong Baptist hospital where he was declared dead . His brain had swollen about 13% at that time . Some suspect foul play and say he was murdered as he was on the heights of his career in Hollywood . His son Brandon who was thought to extend his father’s league died in an unfortunate even on the sets of a film with a prop gun which had some traces of bullet left that hit his abdomen . In hospital he was declared dead .  It is said that Lee family had a curse over it that ended the father and son duo  in the young ages of 32 ( Bruce) and 28 (Brandon) only .

9. Tupac Shakur. 

tup tup1

Tupac was a renowned was a rapper and also an actor . He was an american citizen . He is taken as one of the greatest seller of all times having sold 75 million copies by 2010 . He was at the peak of his career when on the unfortunate day of 7th September 1996 he was shot at several times and on the 13th September he died . He was returning home from a boxing match which he went to see . His car was at a halt at the signal waiting for it to go green . A car pulled in next to his . They pulled down the glass and started shooting at him hitting him several times in the vital organs . The car escaped and left no traces even till today no one knows the criminal behind this although professional rivalry is taken as the cause. Tupac died at the age of  25 years .

8. Jim Morrison .


Jim Morrison was a singer and a song writer . He was the lead singer of the band The Doors which was one of the remembered one of its time . Jim had gone to Paris where he stayed at the the rented apartment with Courson . He was found dead in the bath tub in the apartment by Courson . The doctor who checked in stated there is no foul play and therefore no autopsy was done which left many questions unanswered . Courson stated that Morrison took overdoes of heroin which caused his death . Although it is hard to believe this because Morrison stated in an interview that he never did heroin and so why all of a sudden he would do that in Paris . People Think it was Courson who either killed him or lead to his death . Some think He faked his own death to escape the lime light and he is alive somewhere still out there . Some say he was killed by drug dealers . While his close ones maintain that he never took drugs . His death remained a mystery and will be . He died at the age of 27 years only .

7. Amelia Earhart .


She is the first women ever to reach the skies in true sense . She broke all the barriers that hurdled the women race and proved to the world that a women is no less in anything than men . She was the first women to cross the Atlantic ocean in a sole journey . She also set various other records as well .  She started an aviation academy for women . She was determined to go on a cir cum navigational journey of the globe . On the 2nd of July 1937 she along with Noonan took off in her plane Electra . They were to reach the Howland island but never reached there . The aircraft lost communication and could not be traced . Even till today all we have are theories as to what might have happened to them. Some say the plane crashed and sank to the bottom of the ocean .Some say she fell victim to the Bermuda triangle . But what happened still is unknown . She disappeared and never was seen again.

6. Elvis Presley.

elvis elv

Elvis Presley was the king of rock and roll . He was the best performer that ever lived and will ever live . He was the heart throb for the nation and idol for millions . His songs still echo throughout the world . He was a drug addict . At the time of his death it was found it autopsy that there were 14 drugs in his blood 10 in significant amounts . Hence it was declared that multi drugs was the reason for his death . Then it was also declared that it was an arrhythmia that killed him . Later it was stated that it was not the drugs that killed him but a major heart attack . His doctor was suspended from medical profession because of irrational prescription of drugs he had given to Presley which included over 10000 dose of sedatives and narcotics in the first 8 months only. His actual cause remained a mystery but for sure a grave loss to the world .

5. Kurt Cobain. 

krt krt1

Kurt Cobain was the guitarist and singer of the famous music band Nirvana . It was one of the most popular bands of its time . In March 1984 his wife found him intoxicated with alcohol and was rushed to hospital . She said that it was his first suicide attempt . Later in the same month he locked himself in the room with a gun and police had to rush in to rescue him confiscating several guns and pills . In the same year in April Cobain was found dead in his lake Washington home . He had shot himself and was also drugged . The police he had died a few days before on the 5th April and the body was found on the 8th . There was even a suicide note . The death came as a shock to the fans . His suicidal tendency was a secret to all even to his wife who did not know about it . He ended up killing himself in depression .

4. Indira Gandhi .

indira images

She was the first woman prime minister of India and daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru . She was also called the iron lady of the country . She ruled the nation and the hearts of the people . She strived for the welfare of the people and stayed surrounded many controversies in her tenure . On the unfortunate day of 31st October 1984 her own bodyguards shot her in the garden of her residence with their guns . Both the guards were Sikhs and it was said that they assassinated her in revenge of the operation blue star ; June 1984 ; which she ordered to get the Sikhs out of gurudwara for hiding weapons in there . On autopsy it was found that 30 bullets had hit her  7 of which were still in her body . On of the guard was killed on the spot and other was given a death sentence . The actual story behind the scene no one knows . Some say it was the fact that she will win the next elections that she was killed .

3.  Natalie woods .

nata nat

Natalie woods was an American actress . She was a young and talented actress being nominated 3 times even before she could 25 years of age . She was a weekend trip to California on a boat to Santa Catalina island with her husband and co actor and the ship’s captain . She died the night by drowning in the sea on 29th November 1981 which was then termed as an accidental death . There was 0.14% alcohol in her blood which above the driving limit and also 2 medicament . But now in 2011 the case is reopened as not drowning but other factors that may have played a role in her death . The captain of the ship too said that the fight between the couple was the reason of her death . The investigation is still on and the prime suspect is the husband . Although what happened actually still remains a mystery .

2. Marilyn Monroe. 

mary mary1

Marilyn was an actress and a singer in the 50’s and 60’s . She spend her childhood in foster homes and became an actress in 1946 with the Twentieth century Fox . She gave many successful films in her career . On the unfortunate day of  5th August 1961 she was found in her room naked and dead . The autopsy revealed acute barbiturate poisoning and therefore suicide . but some things don’t fall in place . She was shopping a day before which is unusual for people to have suicidal intentions . It is said she had an affair with the president Kennedy and that may have caused her death . Some say the Mafia were involved who killed her on some one’s account again pointing at Kennedy . there were even bruises on her . The actual cause of her death suicide or murder remains a mystery .

1. Princess Diana .

prin car dia

The lady who was acclaimed as one of the mot beautiful women in the world dies a tragic death . She had divorced Prince Charles and therefore people suspect him as one of the major reasons behind her death . Some days before her death she had written a letter to her butler saying she was in danger . She never took police protection because they were easily influenced by royal people . On the day she died 31st August 1997 she was being chased by the paparazzi . In order to escape them the driver was chasing the car who was drunk and lost control . The accident was brutal and the lady along with the driver and security man lost her life . The accident was labelled unlawful killing . But it could not be proved that it was a murder . The real story lies with some unheard by many and the truth still hidden .



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