TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in One’s Life

When you place many dot very closely, they automatically form a line; when you join all the moments together, they for a life. Our life is nothing but a collection of moments; some moments belong to our infancy, some to our childhood then our teenage hood followed by the moments of our youth hood and then our adulthood and this goes on and on.

Shakespeare said our lives are divided into 7 stages from cradle to coffin; a man passes from 7 different stages and these seven phases of life combined together is known as the span of our life. Our lives are entirely surrounded by moments; we endorse many moments in your life, they are happy, sad, angry, confuse etc.

We all witness many situations in our life but we can never generalize these moments. Our lives are completely different from each other therefore the moments a person witness’ are distinctive from another person’s life but there are few junctures we all witness in our life. They are basic situations from which every person passes; similarly there are some happy moments in our life and God blesses everyone with them. The top ten happiest moments of a person’s life are:


YOU GET YOUR FIRST JOB1 TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

When you get your first job, you take your first step into this professional world. Now you are among all those people who can arrogantly say, ‘ i am busy” or ‘I have work to do’. Other might think that you are being rude but it feels good when you see that you are among those professional people. You finally become somebody.


YOUR PARENTS SAY THAT THEY ARE PROUD OF YOU TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

Remember when you are an awful kid and when you used to get really bad grades; your parents used to loath each other for giving birth to such a brat. They used to avoid taking you along with them when they went out only because they wish to avoid the embarrassment they may face because of you. Now when you have become so successful they beg you to come along with them so that they can boast about you. It means a lot when your parents say, “hey I m proud of”.


YOU GET YOUR FIRST CELL PHONE1 TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

In the past, the only way to communicate was through letters; later on as the science made advancements, telephones and landlines were invented. There used to be only one phone in the house which was in the sitting room or lounge of the house. If you were to receive or make a phone call, you had no privacy; the whole house hold was around listening to your conversation. Later the cell phone was invented but only adults or grownups were granted the cell phones. So you have to wait so many years to become a grownup and get your own person number. The day you get some privacy in your life is one of the best days of your life.


you buy your own house TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

This is your own house; you can paint it the way you want, have your own favorite furniture and you can have as many parties as you want. No headache of the landlord, you don’t have to worry about arranging the rent every month. It does not matter who you are outside but in here you are the king and you can live the way you want.


your wedding moment TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

Admit it or not but you have waited all your life for your prince or your princess. All these years of solitude must have been difficult; you have had many acquaintances and friends along with your family but that one person was missing. Now that one person is with and is going to be yours for the rest of your life; what else you can ask for. The moment you say, “I do” is the one when you feel like telling the entire world that you are married.


you drive your first car TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

Here is your ship and you are the captains; drive her the way you like. No one will ask you if you damage the car in an accident or if you drive at speed of 100 km per hour. You can play the kind of music you want, you can go out at 3 am in the morning without having to worry about the transport. You don’t have to ask other to drop you off and now you don’t have to get up early in the morning so that you may not miss your bus.


farewall party prom night TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

If you were to have an accident and were supposed to lose all your memory, then too you will never be able to forget this night; technically this is the last best night you enjoy with your mates and school buddies, with the people whom you have spent you entire childhood and the folks who were involved in every mishap you did in your teenage hood. You get separated from your friends after this light, you all go your discrete way but you never ever forget this night of your life.


YOU HOLD YOUR FIRST BABY FOR THE FIRST TIME TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

Becoming a parent is the biggest blessing of God. You wait nine whole months for your baby; for your doll to come into this world and for the moment when he/she will call you mama or papa for the first time. The day you hold you infant in your hands is among the happiest moments of your life. When you hold your baby in your arms, you feel as if you have captures the entire world in your hands


graduation day TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

The day you learn to walk or speak properly is the day your parents send you to the school. You spend 10-12 years in school then you go to college and after you are done with the college you join a university. The only thing you do in all these places is study so that you may get a decent job. All these years, all you do is struggle and work hard only to achieve a piece of paper saying that you are now a qualified person; to attain a diploma. Your graduation day is the day when the period of your hard work gets over and you finally have the thing for which you have struggled in your hard. The main cause of this happiness is the sense of relief you go through when you get graduated.


THE PERSON YOU LOVE LOVES YOU TOO1 TOP 10 Most Wonderful Moments in Ones Life

A human is sculpture of emotions and among those emotions love is the most beautiful one. When you fall in love, you start loving the things you hate; you are like the sun, the only difference is that the sun emits heat and energy but you emit happiness and love. The moment you find out that the person you love, loves you too is the happiest moment of your life. You start to fly in the air when you realize that the person you admire, admires you too. If you are capable of loving a person, you are very lucky but if the person you love so much, loves you back then you are the luckiest person on this globe. Getting love in return of love is a very rare thing.

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