Top 10 Most Weird Phobias in the World, Strange but True

There are many things in our life to be afraid of like dangerous animals, terrorists, bombs, accidents, etc. but there are some people in this world who suffer from an anxiety chaos called phobia. A phobia is a kind of disorder in which the person suffers from persistent fear of anything- any situation or maybe any object.  Phobias make its victims life different and in some way make them suffer. These people are like normal human beings but because of their phobia some things are missing from their lives. Nowadays phobias are very much common. Some of the common phobias are acrophobia- fear of heights, Algophobia- fear of pain, Androphobia- fear of men, Aviophobia- fear of flying and arachnophobia- fear of spiders. There are some other phobias also which you will find weird or funny. Here is the list of some weird phobias.

Top 10 Most Weird Phobias:

@10) Nephophobia: fear of clouds

It is another unusual phobia from clouds. The people having this phobia can’t even look up in sky. They develop an irrational fear of clouds themselves. Just imagine how one can just ignore clouds or sky from their life. There is another related phobia named Anablephobia which is fear of looking up. People in affliction of this phobia can’t look up not even at the sky only but on ceilings, roofs, any tall buildings, etc.

@9) Chorophobia – Fear of Dancing

Many people consider dancing as a part of their life but people suffering from Chorophobia have clearly opposite in their mind. A continual fear of dancing is Chorophobia. Victims of this phobia don’t feel like dancing every time. This phobia is hard to identify. As there are people in this world who don’t have Chorophobia but still they don’t like dancing. It’s in their nature and personality. Thus, it is difficult to recognize those people who have this phobia and those who don’t.

@8) Spectrophobia – Fear of mirrors

Spectrophobia makes its victim’s life miserable as he/she is scared of his/her own reflection or image in the mirror or scared of mirrors. It is the fear of actualization. It can arise as the panic or terror of losing their insight of personal beauty. Or it can be because someone doesn’t like any kind of scars or moles on his/her face. Or it can be a result of someone’s dreadful past. Or maybe it is because of some painful and scary events of someone’s life. This phobia is weird as how can one avoid seeing his own face in mirror.

@7) Anthophobia – Fear of Flowers

The phobia of flowers is Anthobia. The sufferers experience some sort of anxiety or fear at the sight of flowers. They can even fear from some parts of flowers, its stem or petals. People who suffer from Anthobia fear from small things which are in actual harmless like a little piece of paper.

@6) Hedonophobia: fear of pleasure

It is a very strange fear from enjoyable, delightful or any pleasurable actions or manners. The person’s suffering from this phobia doesn’t have a social life as they never go to parties with their friends or go to any pleasant place with them. They fear from feeling pleasurable. The people who have this phobia generally feel bad or guilty when they will be indulging in enjoyable activities.

@5) Telephobia: fear of telephone

In 1993, it was said that about 2.5 million people had Telephobia in Great Britain. People having this phobia are scared of received any phone calls or dialing any calls. The phobia is also known as telephonophobia. The victims of this phobia fail to respond correctly in any cell phone conversation. They fear that they would say nothing at that time. They can’t even use the answering machines. Their behavior sounds weird to people as they generally stammer or will remain silent for hours. Thus, the sufferer will finally avoid being around any cell phone.

@4) Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing

Victims of Ablutophobia don’t wish to bath. They develop a fear of bathing, cleaning or washing. This phobia is different from Hydrophobia as the person is not scared of seeing water but is scared of bathing. If in your past something shocking or scary happened when you are bathing then this phobia can be activated. The patients can experience too much Sweating, faintness, nausea, breathlessness, dry mouth, shakiness or sickness. The person can even lose his/her control sometime. This phobia makes its victim feel lonely and depressed.

@3) Phobophobia – Fear of having a Phobia

Some people suffer from Phobophobia which is fear of suffering from a phobia. They fear from the internal ambiance which is associated with the phobia they maybe are suffering from or from other phobias they are immune to. The patient will definitely experience some effects or feelings like anxiety or panic from inside. This phobia is far different from other phobias as it doesn’t respond to any environmental stimulus but is because of the internal fear of the victim. This internal fear of the patient will create an intense and extreme inclination to the phobia feared. Not even this, the patient can have panic attacks anytime.

@2) Geliophobia: fear of laughter

It is itself a funny phobia. Geliophobia is the phobia of being around people who laugh. The people suffering from this phobia are very strange as they don’t laugh at all and they generally find any jokes, movies and any comic thing very nerve- racking. People who have a shocking or upsetting past can suffer from this phobia. Their mind itself will create this phobia without any reason. The victims can be scared of everyone’s laughter or someone else’s particular laughter or even his/her own laughter. Many people think that it is impossible to have this phobia but believe me this Geliophobia really exists.

@1) Heliophobia – Fear of Sunlight

Heliophobia is the phobia of sun rays. Some people stay away from sunlight as they fear from skin cancer or sun burns but sufferers of  Heliophobia somewhat behave like Vampires. Vampires do not exist right now but Heliophobians (i.e., victims of Heliophobia) do. Victims of this phobia prefer to be out of reach of sun. They mostly stay underground or in cellars or maybe in basements. They become horrified at a single sight of sunlight. During day time they remain in their room and they keep their room as dark as possible. They generally indulge themselves in household things during day.


This above listed phobias are weird and in some way shocking also. But we must remember this thing also that these phobias exist for real and could be very dangerous for someone’s personal, professional and social life. There are unlimited numbers of phobias and many innocent people suffer from different phobias. These phobias can be treated and their effects can be minimized to greater extend. We must fight and help the people suffering from any phobia by understanding them not insulting them.


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