Top 10 Most Interesting iPhone 5 Concepts

The upcoming iPhone 5 is nothing short of an enigma. Many people within the tech world are contemplating of what it is going to look like when it comes out. Some are hoping for something that is completely different and revolutionary in design. Others are hoping for a more sleeker, larger model. Whatever the end result is, there have been some very interesting concepts designed and hoped for. Here are the top 10 most interesting iPhone 5 concepts to date.

1. iPhone Spyder

In what looks to be the most revolutionary type of concept for the upcoming iPhone 5, the Spyder does look pretty awesome. This concept is put forth to resemble something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The curved interface is to fit around a persons wrist while its spider like arms wrap themselves around the wrist and through the fingers. More than a watch type concept, the Spyder is more like a Star Trek concept. Are you ready for something like this?

2. iPhone 5g Concept

This incredibly sleek concept of the iPhone 5 is put forth by the French design studio NAK. It is rumored to come in four different colors, much like the Nano, and weigh much less than the current iPhone model. However, where this concept stands out is in its sleek curved body. It is absolutely beautiful to look at. The body itself has the two rockers on the side with the power button on the top rear.

3. The Full Screen iPhone 5

Another breathtaking concept for the iPhone 5 is the full screen look. With this type of design there would be no home button at the bottom of the device. This way the entire available real estate would be for the screen. While there are proponents for and against this type of design, you can not argue with how amazing the extra screen size would be.

4. The iPhone 5 Air Concept

As people continue to dream up what the next iPhone 5 would look like, there is absolutely nothing wrong with meshing the already with the future could be. The MacBook Air is already a beautiful design with its tapered edge and thin lines. Mash this with the iPhone 4S simplicity and you have one incredible looking device. The only problem would be the size which would limit processing and battery power.

5. iPhone 5 Liquid Metal Concept

There is beautiful, and then there is this liquid metal concept for the iPhone 5. How amazing does this look? Its very sleek lines, shiny black skin, and minimal buttons make this concept one of the most beloved in the tech rumor world. Apple would definitely be taking its minimalist attitude another step if this is the design they go with. And, they would not hear any complaints. The extra wide screen would also make for great landscape viewing of videos or playing games.

6. “Slide Up” iPhone 5

Once everyone hears the words “slide up” they think that the most horrible thing could happen to their beloved iPhone; a QWERTY keyboard! But, take heart all iPhone lovers. The “Slide Up” iPhone 5 has nothing to do with a physical keyboard. It has everything to do with a front screen that has no home button. The design is basically the same as the iPhone 4S, but the user would slide up on the screen to unlock their device.

7. Back to the Future

It would be a pretty great design if the next iPhone 5 looked like a DeLorean. However, that is not the idea behind the ‘Back to the Future’ concept. Going back a step in design, this concept brings about the 3GS with an iPhone 4S steel rim. There would be a border around the screen which would severely limit the usable space.

8. New iPhone 5 Concept

In a radical departure from the form that we all know and love, the New iPhone 5 Concept displays something that is incredibly futuristic in nature. It really is quite amazing. With the aluminum body, the new concept would have two speakers on the top, two on-screen docking strips with one on the top and the other on the bottom. LED lights to show battery life is also a unique Apple design (think MacBook).

9. iPhone 5 Pro Design

There are phones. Then there are cameras. Then there are those things that want to try and be both. With this new concept, designed by Jinyoung Choi, the iPhone would have a built in dock for an SLR lense to catapult your 1.2MP camera to a state of the art photo taking machine. But, is that something that people will want? Staring with a 1.2MP camera is actually going backwards, but the addition of the SLR would help.

10. Apple Mouse iPhone 5

Hardcore Apple enthusiasts will actually love this iPhone 5 concept. The sleek design of Apple’s wireless mouse gives it its incredible beauty. So why not take that to the other handheld wireless device? As you can see this designs incorporates a curved back and the rear camera in the middle at the top. The home button and side volume controls are still there, but the headphone jack would be repositioned.

With all of the great design concepts for the upcoming iPhone 5 it is easy to see that people are looking forward to what the new device will actually look like. While it is nice to dream seeing the real thing will be incredibly satisfying. Who knows. Maybe some of these design concepts are pretty close to the mark. What do you think?


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