Top 10 Most Haunted Royal Forts in the World

Ghosts, spirits or supernatural, most of us do not believe in their existence. People might mock at you if you say you saw a shadow in the dark which disappeared right in front of your eyes, heard a sound or whisper in the air. At times you feel you are being watched by some eerie eyes that seem to follow you everywhere like someone is watching every move you make, feel the presence of someone right beside you?

The answer is probably yes because at one point of time everyone has experienced the spook in the air. The supernatural do exist among us sometimes in the form of concealed energy.  At times they make us feel their presence and we term them as ghosts. This belief is not limited to a certain community or race. It is a notion that prevails everywhere. The supernatural have made their presence felt to people through one way or the other. Instances can be found in every culture from time to time. Their spirit lingers where they died such a castles, graveyards etc.

Given below is the list of top 10 most haunted royal forts:

10. Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Predjama -Castle

A castle built within a cave, it dates back to 1274. It has a violent history of around 700 years and considered to be very much haunted. It was the home of a knight named Erazem Leuger. The secret passage in the castle allowed him to collect food from nearby villages while his castle was under siege. However, one of his greedy servants influenced by a handsome bribe gave his whereabouts to enemy and as a result the knight died. Now all that lingers there is his spirit. It is not just some theory, ghost hunters in 2008 proved it by investigating the castle for paranormal activity.

9. Witches castle, Austria

Witches- castle

Moosham castle in Unternberg popularly known as witches castle has a very bloody and terrific past. This is where a bloody witch trial took place. Unsuspecting young girls and women were tortured and burnt to death following accusations of them being witches. Their ghosts and spirits are said to haunt the castle even today. And they are not just some spirits; they are the angry and raged spirits of witches!

8. Bodylweddan castle, Wales


Because of the spookiness associated with this castle, it was also used for a television show Most Haunted in 2004. During 1829, the owner of this castle Sir John Hay Williams found some human bones near a chimney. Though the castle was under restoration at that time but the undeterred man continued with the work and the castle was built around those bones. Ever since then ghastly voices and shadows have been heard and seen along with rare appearance of phantom soldiers.

7. Shaniwarwada fort, India

Shaniwarwada -fort

The fort located in Pune, India, is one of the most haunted historical palaces of India. It contains a nerve- wrecking story within its walls. It is said that the 13 year old Peshwa dynasty heir, Narayana was brutally murdered in this palace. As his assassins chased him, the boy ran shouting for help. Locals say that his shrieks and cries for help can still be heard on every new moon night.

6. Brijraj bhavan palace, India

Brjiraj- bhavan -palace

The palace located in Kota, Rajasthan belongs to a former princely family of the state. It is home to a 178 year ghost, major Burton of British army who was a victim of 1857 mutiny when India rose up against the foreign rule. His two sons were also killed by Indian  sepoys. There is a local myth that the major slaps any security guard who sleeps while on the duty.

5. Berry Pomeroy Castle, UK

Berry -Pomeroy -Castle

The 14th century castle has a number of legends associated to it, making it one of the most haunted castle of UK. The ghost of the castle is a lady in white, also called “the white lady”. The ghost is that of Lady Margaret. Legend has it that her elder sister was jealous of this much prettier and beautiful younger sister. This led the elder sister to lock up her younger sister in dungeons for almost two decades. People who have spotted the ghost claim that she is completely white and they have had some depressing vibes from that place.

4.  Chillingham Castle – Northumberland, England


Another one of UK’s haunted castles. It is haunted by a ghost of  ”blue boy”. The boy’s favorite spot is a pink room. People who have stayed here have encountered wailing sounds, blue flashes of light in their rooms even the room full of blue light. Further investigation in the castle revealed two bodies, one of a man and other of a boy entombed in a 10 ft wall.

3. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh- Castle

The grandeur of this magnificent, medieval castle is diminished by the supernatural presence in the castle. The castle which stands between sea and hills is over 900 years old and houses numerous spirits. People have reported hearing echoes of dead, a ghost dog, a headless drummer who is not visible to anyone and reveals himself only before castle, and the ghosts of prisoners taken during the French seven-year war and the American War of Independence. Its prison cells, south bridge vaults and Mary’s king close, a disused street are specific areas where people feel the presence of unknown.

2. Monte Cristo Mansion, Australia

Monte -Cristo -Mansion

Monte Cristo, Australia’s most haunted mansion is located in Junee, New South Wales. It is said that after the death of her husband, its owner Mrs. Crawley never came out of the house in 23 years, except once. Her ghost is now said to haunt the place. People here have witnessed weird things like a bodiless ghost, automatic turning on and off lights, strange and ghastly voices. People who visit the mansion get suffocated as if some spirit is trying to smother them. They get respite o only when they come out. Instances have also been cited of people turning purple due to suffocation.

1. Bhangarh palace, India


One of the most haunted place on the earth. It is located on the way to Alwar and jaipur, Rajasthan. People are prohibited to visit the place after sunset. The ones who visit this place experience anxiety and restlessness. It is a proven fact that whoever stays there after dark, does not return back to see the light of the day. The place has a legend associated with it. According to the legend a tantric fell in love with the palace’s beautiful princess Ratnavati but he was denied access to her since she being a princess was beyond his reach. In order to avenge the palace and its inhabitants he cursed the people of the area to die an unnatural death and their spirits would persist in the palace without rebirth.

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has put up a signboard at Bhangarh stating “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.”

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