Top 10 Most Fun & Happening Brazil Carnivals

World’s largest carnivals are celebrated in Brazil.This country in-itself is a very beautiful place and carnivals add a cherry to the cake when they are counted to be the best cultural festivals worldwide.The carnivals are the most beautiful customs of this country celebrated every year.The cultural heritage of this country can be seen in these carnivals. It happens to occur forty-six days before the EASTER festival arrives. Hilariously celebrated with participation from all walks of life makes this large event of happenings and creating a new definition of celebration. So don’t just give a thought for visiting the most famous holiday’s destination, go and relish the best view. Get ready to tap your feet to the rhythm of samba and re-energize yourself to the fullest. Discover the most fabulous place, be a party animal and rock hard with the beauties on the land of carnival festival. So here is the list of most cheerful fun carnivals of Brazil.


Similar to Reo and Salvador which are the  big events in brazil to happen ,this carnival which is called as carnatal takes place every year in early time of December in Natal. Parades  of samba school, music, dances can be seen here. The glimpse of finest music are shown in this event. Maximum number of crowd  is there at the time of  this carnival.Revelers perform and sing which through’s a lasting impression on the crowd over there.


This carnival is held over Easter and celebrated in different manner apart from all what happens , the streets are attractively decorated with leaves, flowers, sawdust, chalk for this pageant. Partying and dancing through the streets of cobblestone the youth celebrates in a sizzling manner.Starting with torch-lit ceremony the event is headed over with dances parades and lovely rythm playing all over. So whoop it up and go crazy with this festival.Paraty carnival invites you to join and celebrate the event.
8.Porto Seguro

If you love to dance in the streets and want to be a part of a festival where elegancy is a fashion, you can prefer for Porto Seguro,the gloriously happy environment is the best part of this carnival. Beautifully decorated streets startles the viewers. The mind blowing performances and choreography at this carnival  in Porto Seguro is very special.


The performance and activities which are never seen before are to be seen here in this event. This is a huge event which takes place in Recife, so prepration occurs a week before it is stared,the most captivating feature are the “Afro-Indian lancers”. These people dance,sing and dazzle around in the streets of Recife.The breathtaking dance  performances, European  brass bands and orchestra define their culture in a different manner.With the parades,amazing large hand made figures are carried,describing the known personality of the city.The best artistic views can be encountered here.Grab a chance and just visit the carnivals of Recife.


It is an open event in which Millions of people come and  participate. Streets are full of cheerful crowd  carrying themselves in the beautiful costumes with live music everywhere, every part of the street is filled with some or the other activities. It takes for more than a week. Giant puppets and the big figures of art are main attraction of this event.Join the most fun carnival in Olinda and enjoy to the fullest.

5.Sao Luis, Maranhao

This event occurs in late July  and as we all know every event is related to some myth,this is one described in its own way. Expressing the stories through the folk dances,songs,street parades are the major part of it.The culutural heritage is preserved in this place so well that glimpses show the real picture of carnivals  at Sao Luis. This tradition here has an impact of African culture on it,one should not be confused with one happening in Sao luis do Paraiting which is also a big event itself. Streets are filled with thousands of people living up to the fullest. Don’t miss a chance to come and cherish.


Being a part of Brazil, Belem is no exception to fun. There are many stories related to divine event and one of them is of River Amazon. For praising the divine, celebration occurs. It’s a privilege for people here to have a faith and give the glory a piece of honour by with music and dances hymns and fireworks. The most attractive is the parades from samba schools which are performed during the event. Fun and Fun all over is the carnival of Belem.

3.Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro

As we all know that New Year is celebrated in a mind boggling manner everywhere in this world. One of the best way to celebrate this occasion is to join the party on Copacabana beach, the most amazing night is the one you can encounter here. Celebration on this beach are known to be the most delightful event which starts from night and carried till the dawn, including various stunning performances from bands. The passion for music can be seen.So come and have a ball on the beach and enjoy to the maximum.

2.Salvador Carnival

The main attraction here is “trios electricos”. So have you heard about the street parties?lets tell you about the one which is Salvador.This event creates a new definition of partying and reveling around in the streets .Salvador indicates that how hard you can celebrate without showing the sign of ignorance, just grooving yourself to the beats. For about seven days this event is celebrated and no part of the city is left undecorated. Music is everywhere ,trucks loaded with the huge sound systems, rocking to the fullest with an impetuous environment is rare to be found.People are all over the streets dancing,enjoying with the loud music. This festival is to be occurred in late February to the next month ,so if you  really want to go gallivanting around like this, don’t miss this season of carnival..

1.Rio de Janeiro Carnival

This is one of the most marvelous happening’s to occur in Brazil which is held before Lent. The lively culture makes this boisterous and so energetic which cannot be described in words. Brazilians participate and involve themselves in every activity from dance to music. Parades from samba school’s are the most important to be counted in this event,music by bands and  the cultural dances are very beautifully performed. Lavishly they carry themselves with beautiful costumes,moving to the rhythm of music with the great charisma is very rare to be seen.Who would not feel lucky visiting and experiencing the fun of samba and checking out all concerts which are to occur. Feel lucky!! if you visit the world’s best carnival.


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