Top 10 Most Deadliest & Poisonous Snakes in the World

Fear of snakes have haunted humans from time and time. Snakes are one of the most poisonous, deadliest and scary reptiles present on planet earth. Snakes are present all over the world however dampy and rainy forests are most suitable for majority of snakes to live. We have gathered the list of the top 10 most deadliest and poisonous snakes that you would never want to see:

1. Black Mamba:

Black Mamba is black colored snake who is dangerous and very poisonous which is mostly found in African forests especially in the area of Kenya and Ethiopia. It is also one of the most fastest snakes on earth as it can crawl with a speed of 20 Km/hr. One bite which a black mamba gives has about 100-120 Mg of venom and at most it can give venom of 400Mg quantity. An adult black mamba is about 2.5 meters longs.

2. Inland Taipan ( Fierce Snake):

Inland Taipan is the world’s most venomous snake which is mostly found in the areas of central Australia. The snake passes out 110 mg of poison in a single bite. A single strike from this deadliest snake is sufficient to kill 100 people. This hazardous snake is about 2.5 meters long. Inland Taipan can also change their color in order to survive and suit the environment. The venomous snake is in lighter shade in summers and is found in darker shade during winters.

3. Comman Krait:

Comman Krait is found in the forests of India and south east Asia. The snake is very energetic especially during the night. The snake is 16 times more poisonous than the Indian King Cobra. Comman Krait feeds on toads, frogs, lizards and also little snakes. The venom of the snake paralyses the muscles of a human body and causes extreme pain.

4. Tiger Snake:

This species of the snake is found in the southern areas of Australia. This snake can grow upto 7 feet long. This snake is called a tiger snake because of the stripes it has on his body which look a like the stripes on Tiger’s body. Tiger snake is a very aggressive snake but it bites only those people are aggressive to this aggressive tiger snake.

5. Desert Horned Viper:

Desert horned Viper is found in the areas of Middle East and North Africa. The snakes has horns on his eyes which makes the Desert Horned Viper more scary. The venom of the snake depends variably but definitely it is scary and dangerous from his looks. It is mostly famous for sidewinding in which it presses its weight into the sand when it has to walk through loose surfaces.

6. King Cobra:

King Cobra is one hazardous snake found in the areas of India Subcontinent. The snake is about 5.6 m long which is about 18.5 feet long, the huge length of King Cobra is enough to scare any human out of his wits. The venom of King Cobra is enough to kill about twenty five people. These are only snakes who build nest for their young ones.

7. Russell’s Viper:

Russell’s viper is also another hazardous snake. It has one of the most poisonous kind of venom. It can be easily found in the places where people reside in places of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh. Russell’s viper’s bite can cause severe pain, vomiting, bleeding, and even death can occur because of lungs and kidney failure.

8. Beaked Sea Snakes:

The name of the beaked Sea snake , itself suggest that this species of snake reside under the sea. This snake is also known as Valakadyn sea snake. This snake can stay upto five hours under the sea. The snake has its nostrils on the top of his head so that it can come up and inhale air when it is in the sea.

9. Boomslang:

A Boomslang is very poisonous which are mainly found in the Saharan desert. The snake is about 5 feet long in length. It is famous for its tree dwelling features and it could be very oftenly found on the trees. One Bite of Boomslang can simply lead to the circulatory failure.

10. Rattle Snake:

Rattle snake is venomous snake which is found in America. It is recognized by its  rattle tale on its tail. Most of the rattle snakes have hemotoxic venom in them. A bite from a rattle snake can lead to fatal injury, difficulty in breathing and also drooling in your body. You need medication after a rattle snake bite.

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