Top 10 Most Dangerous Fishes of all Time, Avoid the Contact

Fishes the aquatic creature and here are the list of the fishes which are the most deadliest, creepiest and dangerous of all time.


The laziest of all the fishes which never gets in to the attraction just because of its very low speed and movement in sea is blob-fish also known as Australian Sculpin.  The Scientific name is PSYCHROLUTES MARCIDUS. They are deep underwater fishes mostly found in the oceans. The fish has its own characteristics that it doesn’t use its swim bladder to maintain itself but having the mass gelatinous flesh that is just leass denser than water helps it to maintain the buoyancy. This deep water fish looks very fine in the water but outside it looks very messy and ugly. Due to its look it is one of the creepiest fish found on the earth.


The ugliest of the fishes is treated the grenadier fish which is very peculiar looking for its big mouth and slippery scaly skin. It really make you run for the hills.  This fish is usually found just above the bottom of the ocean and are slowly swimming fishes searching for live prey as well as the carcasses to consume. They are very smelly and contain a very high level of smelly compound TMAO, which makes them not only ugly but exactly smelly too which is irresistible.


The another australian fish is the most deadliest creature ever so found in marine life. They usually habitat themselves in the shallow waters along the coasts and away from population. It is dark brownish colored fish or simply can be treated a replica of stone and so called the name as stone fish. Talking of the characteristics of the fish, it has thirteen sharp and dorsal spines on its back and containing high toxic venom whose a mere dose is enough to kill or paralyze anybody and moreover this venom can kill a human in two hours if not treated properly soon.


This belongs to the fish family of class SHARKS and are easily distinguished because of its look, shape and size. The sharks are naturally very frightening and deadly creature and is often found in tropical and the regions of warm tropical waters. They are called THE PREDATORS and it has been known to consume a wide variety of marine prey and sometime they can hunt some terrestrial animals also. They are considered to be the most adaptable and evolving of all shark species.


This inhabitant of Gulf of Main is highly dreaded fish in the class of marine creatures. Named as Viper fish (Chauliodus sloani), it is entirely different in appearance from the natural fishes of the marine life. The structure is somewhat is of like that of Bulldog mouth and with the fangs all covering up on each side with the lower jaw is little bit longer than the upper. A few cases of bites have been reported by the swimmers in mid-depths of Atlantic Basin. Sometimes they are expected on the offshore banks as a stray at any time.


Basically characterized and flattened shape and long bearing tails, this species of fish is also known as cousins of sharks. They have pectoral fins which are extended to both the sides and helps them to easily move underwater. They have two types – 1.) “Bentic” and 2.) “Pelagic”. Often buried in the sands, they are the habitats of  both fresh and marine water type. The sting of the fish is a spine or dermal denticle having grooves filled width tissues producing venom. This apparatus is surrounded by a cell-rich covering which may also produce a lesser amount of venom. There are a few rays fish which are not having stings.


Angler fish is the common name for the fish which are an order of marine fish and for the many species of the order. The size range varies explicitly depending on their sex. They can range from 3 inches to 4 feet. They have a characteristics growth from their head trailing up. This outgrowth helps them to lure and attract the prey. This outgrowth resembles like a fishing pole Their fin rays produce their own light and this is helpful in hunting the prey. Bottom dwelling anglers have arm-like pectoral and ventral fins preforming as feet, enabling the fish to walk along the ocean floor where it generally hides in the sand or amongst seaweed for camouflage in areas abundant with prey. Typically about a foot long, angler fish can reach over 3 ft and weigh in at up to 110 lbs! That’s the size of most Rottweilers. The common angler-fish is Lophius piscatorius of the family Lophiidae.


This fish is very attractive and beautiful looking but as the saying goes that “every beautiful thing is not good” and same goes with it. They are very active predators of underwater marine life and are characterized by a very large head and having numerous spines on its head. The dorsal fin has strong, venomous spines while the anal fines are sharp, venomous. the caudal fin is mainly rounded or squared but not forked. A very close class of lion-fish is known as devil fish found mainly in Sumatra and a very competitive predators like sharks.


The most dreaded of all fishes is the piranha. This is a very ferocious, schooling, fresh-water fish living in warm lowland streams generally a habitat of lake in South America. In recent times, they have been reportedly found in the the Brazil, Hawaii. They can eat almost anything and everything including mollusks, insects, birds, lizards, amphibians, rodents and even carrion(dead meats). They are diurnal(active during daytime). They are the perfect killing machine carnivores.


A very rarely seen and a very slow swimming shark having a snout which is unusually long, flat and highly pointed. Their jaws can protrude just like as if some vampires type while eating its prey and giving them a very unusual goblin look as well. The elongated snout contains some canals which helps them in finding and locating their prey. They are mainly found in the offshores of japan and to mention to your concern that they are very rare. Their length can extend up to 11 meters.

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